Good speaker match for the Devialet, Magico ?

Hello Everyone, I really need your help. I want to purchase the Devialet 170 or 240 and need advise on which speaker to purchase. I was thinking maybe the Magico Mini 2 but I have never heard it before, also my room is pretty small 17/17 with 9 ft ceiling. If anyone has any advise on which speaker (Magico or otherwise) I would really appreciate it!!
I think you might want to look at Focal or KEF, which I have both heard on the original 300 watt offering. I love the KEF 50s especially, or any of the mid-range studio speakers by Focal.

Because Devialet is French, they are frequently paired with Focal in France.

BTW: very impressed with this unit. Can easily recommend it as one of the best components out there, especially with digital content.The control unit almost seems like it has jewel like movement.
I have not heard the Devialet, but I own the Magico Mini 2 in a room slightly smaller than yours. You can check out my system page. If you are considering Magico speakers, you should listen to the S1 which is a floor standing two way which is supposed to be even better than the Mini 2. Your room is large enough to consider larger Magico speakers because with their sealed cabinets, they can be used in slightly smaller rooms, IMO. You will need lots of power with Magico speakers though. They are not easy loads to drive properly.
If I where you I first would take all your time to listen to some speakers in the price range you are looking for. because it Always is a personal matter. After this I would look for an amp what fitts best to the speaker you bought. Have fun and take your time.
At an audio store in SF last night, there was a presentation of a Devialet paired to Triangle's new Signature speakers. Very musical even at high levels. Not sure how much the Nordost Valhalla cables played a part.

I would say matching with French speakers is worth of audition.
I'm French and you should not consider French speakers for Devialet because it's french. Focal or Triangle are a joke on High-end speakers (way too expensive for the result). Jean marie Reynaud are colorful. Cabasse created real good High-end speakers but too expensive anyway.
After the audition of several brands, i fell in love with Usher Audio speakers. You should consider the CP-777 if you're looking for a "compact" speaker. The soundstage is huge and sharp, the bass are deep (no subwoofer needed), the medium is liquid and real and the highs are detailed and smooth (probably the best tweeter on earth!). The Appolito system is probably the most practical to get a perfect phase and Doctor D'appolito himself is part of the conception of all Usher's speakers...
Trusting real and experienced engineers like D'appolito is a guarantee in our messy Hifi passion...
I am not a Magico fan, but the only time I have enjoyed them was with a devaliet amp, very nice indeed. The last demo with Magico used $200,000+'s worth of constelation amps. I thought it was painfully hard and dry, not my taste at all.

The day I heard them with Magico, next door they had a devaliet 170 with Sonus Faber standmounts, not sure which ones. Now I love Sonus Faber, but this combination was'nt a success, muddy hard edged sound, lacking detail.

It does seem odd to me that some products you can match with almost anything which is electrically compatible, others are really fussy about matching. Take Wilson speakers, I find them painful with Krell amps, but delightful wit ARC and D'Agostino Momentum amps.
You Always listen to all the different parts togheter and the acoustics. And every person still have there own preference. Audio Always will be the art of the right combination. And yes there are many brands who do not match with eachother. Even at shows people make often mistakes about the combination because they use only what they sell.
Don't know if you have bought yet, but try out some vivid audio speakers - I heard some at the Audio Lounge the other day and was very very impressed. Super imaging, great depth of field, real weight as well. Timed very well too