Good Suggestions for Tube Amps under 6k

I wanted to see if there were any group suggestions for an integrated tube amp or tube / solid-state combo under 10k or, even better, under 6k. Still looking for my final purchase in this part of my system.  Thanks everyone.


The Octave v70 SE is excellent.  Here’s a review fyi…

There’s one used available now that’d save you mucho $$$…

Another good one to look into is the Audio Hungary A50i.  Best of luck. 


To be clear it was not my intention to argue semantics. I was just pointing out that tube amplifiers can be either single ended (SET and SEP) or push pull (PP). Furthermore PP can be class A or class A/B. Perhaps I interpreted your post incorrectly. But it seemed to suggest only class A/B amongst non SET amplifiers. I was attempting to supply clarification.

For the record, I am also an advocate of SET amplifiers and an extremely happy long term owner of 300b mono blocks. I concur with your sonic assessment of SET with appropriate speaker pairing.


Audio Mirror Reflection 45s SET monoblocks  for $5K. One of the best bargains in audio today. You can add the Audio Mirror Linea preamp for $3K that replaced my $12K reference grade preamp.  Vlad is great to work with and stands behind his products  100%. Can’t say enough good things about Vlad and his products.


@charles1dad Thanks.  

BTW, I forgot that @brandonw is on here.  I would definitely recommend a custom amp from his Apollo Audio Systems to meet the OP's desires..


Look through the catalog of Decware amps. Read the reviews on them as well. Buy one.