Goodbye Everyone

Rather than just disappear, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who gave me help, taught me stuff, the many friendly members.



Yes, I remember our PM's.

Thanks for your comments, after some fast encouragement, I decided to stick around, yapping more than ever.

More than anything, I really dislike efforts to prevent us from contacting each other. I have 4 'regulars' nearby. For years we get together at each other's home to listen, lunch/dinner with spouses ....

I have had to sneak my info, and gained 4 new friends, 3 in NJ, 1 in CT, they come here, we listen to music; equipment; cartridges; go out for meals ... (1 at a time due to covid precautions)

DPReview, we encourage contact, I've made several new friends, I go there, they come here, we plan photo shoots. Someone visit's NYC, we meet, usually at B&H Photo, go from there. DPR is closing, many of us traded contact info asap.

That's a very real community, Sony being the most friendly forum on the site. This site should encourage contact as well. I gather that some/many do not have many or no nearby friends to share their acquired system and music with. Members here probably live close enough to get together, they just don't know it.

Elliott, I too am a shutterbug, not as active as I used to be but I have several cameras.  I want to thin my collection of cameras, mostly in order to get some cash to buy new lenses. Other than eBay, which I abhor for the casual one-off sale, is there a website for selling cameras that is analogous to Audiogon or US Audio Mart? Thanks.  And I apologize if this question seems inappropriate here, but since E is not leaving us.....

@elliottbnewcombjr I've started selling/buying locally via USAM and the experience has been all positive. Had a nice gentleman over listening to my system and the tube amp that I was selling to him. We listened for an hour even though the room was far from ideal. Best part is, he really liked the amp with his Magnepan, some older model. 

I hope to have the chance to buy/sell locally more often and meet more fellas with the same passion/hobby. 

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@elliottbnewcombjr I am very familiar with the meeting with others to enjoy the common interest of Listening to Recorded Music on the Systems in use in a selection of Homes. My Local Group is now up to Nine Members. At present all my listening is done on Systems owned by others, even though some of the devices demonstrated on a day are occasionally supplied by myself.

I am not really keen on being a shut away in a room sole listener anymore, the evolving in number social side and getting a measure on the capability of ones own system, as a comparison to other in use, has become the most desired experience to be maintained. Prior to the Local HiFi Group becoming available, I have travelled frequently to meet on a social basis with like minded individuals, some return Journeys having been quite substantial.

As for Photography, I don't do a great deal of forum visits, I participate more, with Nature being my main subject. There are places I visit within a month, where there are good facilities, and it is quite easy to encounter others after a excursion at a on-site Coffee Bar and engage in conversation about subjects and equipment. 

I am transitioning from one Camera Technology to another and have been selling the older technology equipment.

To Date using Ebay, the option for Cash on Collection or Bank Transfer as the only Payment Method, has kept me secure as a Vendor and I have sold all offered items, even if some sales took a little longer to find the Buyer accepting this method of payment.

It is nice to know that there are customers who accept the info offered in the Advert and are not looking for a Back Door to have their own advantage over a sale, or use a sale as Hire Only and return goods once they have been used for the Buyers purposes within the allowed for returns period.