Goodbye Everyone

Rather than just disappear, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who gave me help, taught me stuff, the many friendly members.



Hope it`s not for health reasons.

You`ve been a good contribution here.



Whatever the issue is I don't want to trivialize it. If a health issue please take care of yourself and I wish for a positive outcome. You will certainly be missed, and if there is a way for you to participate in the future I look forward to it. I don't post here much but have always appreciated your contributions. Please take care. 

Good luck with whatever is pulling you away. I've enjoyed your posts very much. You have a lot to teach.

Hope to see you again.  I loved reading about all of the different equipment you have/had over the years.  

I hope that all is well with your health, but in any case, it's a little unsettling to post your farewell the way you did without any explanation. Could you let us know just a little more? Wishing you the best.

So sorry to hear this, hope all is well and if not that it gets better. Your contributions have always caught my attention and you will be missed. If this is good by then I bid you a fond farewell and the best to you. Enjoy the music

many of the most practical, sensible advices came from him, he has been always curious and clever. I hope it's nothing health-related and irreversible 


Very sorry to hear this! I hope you are ok. I’ve always enjoyed your posts which were very informative.


1,180 posts

many of the most practical, sensible advices came from him, he has been always curious and clever. I hope it’s nothing health-related and irreversible


I'm not whining, or scolding, but you asked why:

I kind of think of myself as the Art Dudley around here.

People ask questions, I’m retired, have health issues that keep me less mobile thus on computer a lot. I also imagine OTHERS are following a thread that keep quiet but want to learn the subject or related info.

I research their equipment, I look for available items on hifishark, I try to make my answers clear, pass on advice from many years, find things I think most people don’t know about, post links, tell stories for fun ...

I keep many responses to only the equipment I have real experience with, that leads to repetition, I think many consider me a broken record.

Even if the OP doesn’t agree, an acknowledgement of someone/anyone’s efforts could/should be noted, I cannot tell you how many times I check the ’related to you’, to see neither OP or members have anything to say about my posts.

That’s in contrast to the DPreview Sony forum, where it’s one big happy family, and contributions are acknowledged. I've got over 18,800 posts there, many specific to/from me, and very many simply acknowledging people who posted their thoughts.

DPreview is shutting down today, everybody is depressed, sharing emails, copying advice, trying to stay connected with each other in some way.

I just figured, might as well end both forums at the same time.

Sony forum will be a huge loss, and I will miss Audiogon, but you can understand it has been personally discouraging for a while. It's not about pride, but too often I feel I'm wasting my time.

Repeat, there are many members I will miss, many have been kind and helpful, I've gained much by being here.



@elliottbnewcombjr I understand and agree with what you are saying about the contrast and I would say audiogon is not a "warm" forum. Maybe because it's a lonely event, audiophiles are generally not the most social people. Also, it's the format: people comment anonymously, and it brings out a very different attitude. We can't even share our phone numbers or emails in direct messages, we are engineered to be strangers here. (it definitely brings out my not so positive side)

I am shocked about DPreview. I read it a lot 20 years ago when I got myself into digital photography and pretty much learned everything there. With cloud space so easy to maintain these days I wonder how and why no one wants to keep together and capitalize on such a large and devoted user base. They are all nerds of some sort!

FWIW I can relate to your thoughts/position. For myself, I usually post to stimulate thoughts, not so much to provide specific answers. For the most part I think I have the wrong audience. Yet I stay and try.

This forum really needs folks like you, whether they know it or not. You provide a counter balance to all of the folks who post with great certainty about things they know so little outside of their own stuff and room. 

Probably too late, but stick around if you can, or just visit so you can occasionally help someone. I think Babe Ruth didn't have a very high batting average, but he sure hit some home runs! :-)

Babe Ruth had a lifetime average of .342.

Not too shabby. And better than most of us batting here.

Elliot, if you continue to read this forum, perhaps you’ll still find occasion to comment.

@elliottbnewcombjr I get your loss for the demise of DPreview, I am a member and have chose to not rush into another forum where I can indulge myself with Z System Info'.

As for the Gon, I attempt to address the OP inquiry, only intend to share on experiences already encountered, and occasionally experiences to be planned for.

Most importantly I write in a hope the views into a thread are catered for, as there are usually numerous more onlookers that contributors, it is my hope I can crate something the onlooker from the present or future finds something offered up by myself to be a stimulation. 

Every so often a forum member will give a shout out for something that you have made known, and that is, when directed towards myself, is plentiful as a gesture of goodwill when received.    

Waddaya mean A'gon isn't a "warm" forum? That's a pile of crap! Get the hell outta here!

The ‘Music’ threads are more rewarding and less confusing than equipment threads.  I agree that this forum can be uninviting, confusing and combative.  It also contains much good advice, but filtering and separating useful from misguided can be difficult.


Thank you for letting us know your reasons, that's very considerate of you.

It is an awful big world out there and we here are mostly just like ships passing in the night.

It has been a pleasure reading your contributions here.

None of them ever threatened to make my blood pressure rise.


Even if the OP doesn’t agree, an acknowledgement of someone/anyone’s efforts could/should be noted,

Yes, you're right, a little more politeness is never a bad thing.

I'm sure your decision was not lightly taken but you always know where we are.

Best of luck with any health issues. 


Sorry to see you leave but your comment about the lack of manners on the site is right on point. I have seen so many ask questions and not even bother to acknowledge the people who take the time to answer. Sometimes, someone would ask for clarification on a question in order to give a qualified answer and the OP would just ignore the post. You can’t get the world rid of jerks, you just have to ignore them. Hope you change your mind. 

@elliottbnewcombjr  It's not about pride, but too often I feel I'm wasting my time.

No good deed goes unpunished!

Courtesy is becoming a lost art in this instant gratification world we now live in. I completely understand the OP's thinking. There always come a time to move on. The repetitive part of this platform often gets to me too. Take care.

no one should do anything where they feel they are wasting their time, or feel unappreciated

this forum is an extension of a hobby which people who come here presumably are passionate about and bought into ... so many ways to enjoy, we all need to find what works for us

all the best, and i am especially glad to know it is choice, and not health or disability, that is having you say 'see-y'all'

Farewell kind sir. 

Perhaps Audiocircle or AK would be a preferable home?

@elliottbnewcombjr why not just take a break and jump back in if you feel like it? That seems a better approach. I look on these forums for info and the occasional chuckle but i don’t necessarily consider it friendships. I will go to AXPONA and wonder how many of you I have interacted with on Audiogon though.

@elliottbnewcombjr I want to address the responding thing. The Audiogon system doesn't exactly make it easy to know anyone is actually responding to someone. I find it tricky.


The Audiogon system doesn't exactly make it easy to know anyone is actually responding to someone. I find it tricky.


I have 'snuck' my email address via Private Messages and gained some new friends who come here, we listen, my stuff, their stuff, try their equipment here, compare cartridges ...

1. in Conn

1 in Montclair, NJ

1 in Budd Lake Area

1 in Burlington, NJ

and we all know Steve and Ray at VAS, sometimes we meet and go together.

It's pitiful that I am not trusted, and have to sneak personal info, another disappointing thing about the site I forgot to mention.

Sony site: just send anything, all your info by Private Messages, I have some new friends from there, one lives in Vestal, NY, near McIntosh Headquarters and Audio Classics. I drop stuff off when I visit him. Another in Syracuse. We 3 get together and take photos all over the finger lakes region. Another from California, I met at B&H, had a great time.

No sneaking needed.

As I write, I realize the contrast of the two forums increases my disappointment

Maybe I'll come back, time will tell.

@elliottbnewcombjr some times I jump to other forums and disappear for a while when clusters of unhelpful posts by the same nimrods show up here. All The Best to You.  

Hey Elliott, come on over to AK and HiFiHaven, you will fit right in. We could use another guy like you.



@elliottbnewcombjr As many have expressed already... You will be missed. It's members like you who help bring a balance to Gon.

It seems to be a common symptom in social media. Even in something as innocuous as NextDoor, a poster can say something in an attempt to be helpful, and before you know it, trolls are debating anything and everything on or off topic.

Selfishly, I hope that you might keep your membership and check in once in a while.

Best of luck and health to you!

Op, best wishes. One last thought. Even though many have not responded directly to your comments, given the appreciation the members in this thread have shown, I suspect you’ve had more impact with people here than you know. You will be missed. Carpe diem.


I rarely post, but I check the Audiogon forums daily.  I have both enjoyed reading and learned a good deal from your posts and responses.  You will be missed.


I know this decision wasn't made lightly, so I would never try to question your motives.

After all, as much as we like to feel it is important, the fact is that this is only a forum for audiophiles. Not all that important in the greater scheme of things.

Our mental and physical health, along with the health and wellbeing of those we love, are what really matters in life.

Take care and I hope you are happy forever.


Hi @elliottbnewcombjr
I have noticed that your opinion is always well documented and your recommendations are always well supported factually & /or anecdotally. It is refreshing to read someone whose opinion is based on fact and /or experience  rather than conjecture!

Thank you for your contributions so far, be safe, be well !

I never post - but as a nobody I have to agree - this forum can be somewhat harsh.  Funny, when I was younger and in my profession I would go at anyone  - ego involved.  As I get older and learn of people, classmates, etc passing I find myself asking - does it really matter.  I view posts where individuals are chastised for a repeat question, or lack of knowledge, comments like "look elsewhere", "not again" "you need to be very specific" and I ask myself an audiophile forum??? So as a highly educated idiot - I also wonder why the harshness of this site. Especially when life is so damn short.