Goodbye paypal!

I hate paypal and their terrible customer service (my experience). I am very happy A-Gon has installed more payment options with credit cards. Thank-you Audiogon!
Been using Paypal forever, 10 years maybe? They have incredibly good service, security, and reliability. Perhaps the error here is RTFM. 
I am glad you have not had any problems with paypal, but I get much better service with my cc companies.
Agree with operator here, PayPal has burned me twice. My credit card was the saving grace and able to get my money back.  

Plus, when things go south with PayPal, they put hold on your funds whereas credit card companies issue a temporary credit until matter is resolved. 
Indeed, PayPal isn't without it's problems. Although it does depend if you're unfortunate to deal with a moron.
Paypal isn't perfect and if it has means to strip you off it will and BIG.
They're big and invincible and not honest so the precautions MUST be taken. 

NEVER provide paypal with personal banking info or major credit cards. Use prepaid cards and it's credentials to verify your account. If the prepaid card has zero balance they won't be able to hold your funds

ALWAYS move funds away ASAP and NEVER roll large funds active on paypal. It will trigger them to hold it for reason or no reason. One of my accounts has indefinite hold of $93. 

Have few paypal accounts to manipulate funds in-out and 'turn on' one that is available and 'working' to receive funds if sold something

infection287 posts06-24-2016 3:38pmWeed can exacerbate paranoia...
A+ for reading text books and listening to doctors. But did you ever read "Three Piglets and Wolf"? The one who built brick house apparently survived. Suggest to switch to better books and certainly build better house.
Ha! Dude I used to be a heavy toker & take acid so don't lecture me Cheech.

The comment was in jest; stop being so uptight. 
Used PayPal for years and love it. Twice I got burned by a seller and they got my money back. You got to be kidding if you think Audiogon is a safer place to give credit card information

I have done 93 transactions here since 2008 and all involved PayPal.  I never, ever had a problem and they even alerted me to a scam by someone who was purchasing something from me.  I even have my personal checking linked to my PayPal debit card as I earn 1% cash back on all purchases.  I LOVE PayPal.
I am not worried about fraud with my CC's. I am talking about good customer service that is non-existent with paypal, IMHO.
Czarivey:  Thanks for the pre-paid credit card idea.  Brilliant.  I despise Ebay insisting on Paypal.  I recently purchased an item and the seller & I agreed I could send him a money order.  It was close to $500.  Everything went perfect and no bank or credit card info was given.  Ebay keeps hounding me to pay 3 weeks later.  Give me the chuckles...
Totally agree with OP and many others.
In my ten years´ career in selling on eBay with 100 % score of over eight hundred transactions I just sold a vintage audio item decades old. My ad is adequate, with photos and everything. Buyer who hardly can write proper English never asked any further details like higher resolution pics before sale´s end. Well I thought everything´s is just fine for him but once he received the item he started to complain about "big damages" on the item. Actually they are little scratches/marks, quite normal with vintage gear. The item is fully operational, but he seems give a darn about it. And actually even many if not most of the biggest flaws ARE visible in my ad. Furthermore, he asked me to fund his "fixing" for 200 - 350 €. Naturally I refused but told him to send the item back and then give him a full refund after I have received it. He refused to send back and eventually opened a case. This automatically freezed my PayPal account with app. 2000 € in it.

eBay and PayPal always take buyer´s side. PayPal can and is actually very eager to freeze your funds whenever they will and for whatever reason that suits for them. just like that. Hardly normal procedure in banking and business. Anyway, seller can´t do anything about.
PayPal is fool proof for dishonest buyers and all kind of morons. Sad but true.
Another good practice is to have multiple paypal accounts. Since you can get multiple prepaid cards, you can open multiple accounts. Once funds accepted, move them away ASAP with "send to friends and family" option.
If there's a trouble with paypal transaction and paypal will try to hold on to your funds, they're not there. They can also set your account negative -- in this case you can easily send them to go suck their own sausage deep-throat and use one available to receive funds if sell anything. 

Remember they can uck seller HARD, but you can as well in response.
Go back to the old ways of business transactions;
Cash, Check or Money Order.
+ Bank Transfer with attached reference/proof to sale in question 

I prefer the old ways in many things :)
Czarivey, thanks for the prepaid credit card idea, it´s brilliant, as well