Google ads are rampant on the site

Just today, I noticed the bombardment of Google ads on the A'gon site. These obnoxious ads previously only appeared on the mobile app but now they are a P.I.T.A. here on the desktop app. Any ideas how to thwart/eliminate these nuisance time wasting ads?

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I think the key to your post is "just today, I noticed..."  they are not new.

Adblock Plus etc. browser extension will block ads on websites including YouTube. Without an ad blocker, browsing would be intolerable. 

Some form of adblocking is essential these days.

We know sites make money by advertising and people clicking on links but these practices have now totally gotten out of hand on certain sites.

Since neither Google, Microsoft or Apple will do anything to stop this, and don’t expect them to, you will have to take matters into your own hands.

Firefox on my phone with an add on adblocker (uBlock Origin) works really well.

Same on desktop.

@Dill...what operating system are you using? Can't find 'Ghostery" in the windows store...


Ad blocking is making the Audiogon site almost unusable for me, most listings show sometimes over a thousand blocked ads in AdblockPlus.  I have to wait until it finishes loading all the blocked ads to navigate. 



@dolsey...Sorry to say I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this aggravating nonsense. I have been in touch with the administrators as of the day of this posting (06/10/23) and stated they're seeking a resolution from the site developers. The work-around I incorporated is using the Vivaldi browser which works in eliminating this nonsense but is not as convenient as MS Edge which is my default browser...