Graaf GM200 OTL amps with Sound Lab

Does anyone have experience with the Graaf GM200 OTL tube amps on the Sound Lab electrostatic speakers? If so, what are your impressions and findings? Compared to Wolcotts or Vivas or Atma-spheres or VTLs or ?
Sounds like a very good system coming together with these choices. One of my friends has Mtma-sphere MA2 MKIIs on Sound Labs. His system sounds wonderful. The Atma-sphere's are the best sounding, by far, amps his has ever in the system. I even tried a home demo on my Wilson system. These amps sounded fast,open, detail, but yet very musical. They had some advantages/distadvantages over my present amps. I can really recommend them just on sound quality alone. Personally, I don't like their 1970ish industrial and massive looks. Graaf are the clear winner on aesthetics. I would believe the Atma-sphere were sound better than the Graaf on the Sound Labs because of their ability because of their to handle SL's difficult current loads. A home demo is a must at these prices levels. Reviews on both are in the magazines. Let us know what happens and good luck! Gerrym5
Hello, I am currently running a pair of Atma-Sphere MA-1 MKII's on my A-1's with quite good results, I sometimes wish I had a little more power but the Ma-2's are out of the question as I live in Az. Haven't heard the Graaf products but when it comes to OTL's I don't think anyone can beat Ralph Karsten's designs. The Atma-Spheres were made for these speakers. If you can live with the power of the 1's or the heat of the 2's, go for it. You also asked about the Viva's, I just ordered a pair of the new 845 tube type. I have some reservations but some well respected people say these are the way to go. I'll be happy to report what I find. Have you got any info on the Wolcotts? I just found out about these after I committed to the Viva's. Let me Know what you find out and lets stay in touch as it seems we're both looking for the right amps to drive the worlds best speakers. Thanks!