Grace 707 with Grace F9Ruby on modified, veneered Pioneer PL-530 Table - How to sell?

Hey guys I need some coaching on selling my second system's turntable. I am trying to determine whether it is wisest to separate my mint Grace G707/F9R arm/cartridge combo from my beautiful custom, wood-veneered, manual-only Pioneer direct-drive turntable or simply sell it en toto? Or perhaps should the G707 be left on the table and the F9R be sold separately... or each sold separately?  Trust me, I'm not mercenary, I'm just unemployed. So any coaching to optimize the return for my wife and me would be greatly appreciated.
I think you are better off selling the whole package together. You should check the Ebay listings to get a ballpark figure of what they are going for!
I would hang on to the Grace.  I personally use a G-747, which I believe is very similar to your 707. They were really excellent tone arms.

Sounds like a nice set up you're parting with.  The 530 was a nice little table. I remember them.  Very good Pioneer build quality. If you were me, I'd hang on to it.  Unless you're funding another purchase.  =)

Never heard the Ruby, but I know they were well thought of and still pretty desirable. 


Thanks for the responses, I have listed the whole setup on Audiogon to see what the responses might be. Had a G-747 once myself on a big Denon, a great arm destroyed by movers in a house move.
If you must sell, then sell the cartridge seperately, it won't bring you more for the table, if any additional definitely not what the cart is actually worth.

Can't edit my last post any longer, I should have stated anywhere but here where the cartridges attributes understood will more likely be appreciated.


I would (try to) sell each component separate. The most people

are searching for some special component. Only few will be intersted

in a complete TT. For each component you can check the price(s)

on eBay. At present the so called ''buyers market'' rules so you

should price your components accordingly. My experience is that

separates sell more easy and for a better price then a complete TT.

Great advice Martin and nandric. Successfully removed and sold the  cartridge separately and now removing the arm to sell separately.