Graham LS5/9 differences about screws?..


My name is Gianluca and I from Italy. I really love all about is from HiFi equipment and his history.

Actually I am going to replace my Spendor SP2/2 for a pair of Graham LS5/9.

I have found here in Italy a pair of Graham from a very well Known hifi shop. 
These Graham are “open box” and the price is very good.

But I have  noticed that 2 screws are missing comparing with the pictures present online. 

The 2 screws I am referring to are those between the tweeter and the small vertical panel where the sensibility can be changed with different soldering.

Do you have any idea about this? 
I really appreciate your contribution 

All the best.





They look like just ordinary screws your best bet just contact Graham I’m sure they would direct you to replacement screws or send you replacement screws. Also watch the video on this page it shows a pair being built and shows the screws.

Thks a lot for your contribution.

The screws are missing in the sense that are not present at all. The surface is clean, no holes are present. It seems that the front panel has been built without that 2 screws.

I would like to attach a picture but I do not know how to do…


Oh if that's the case definitely contact Graham it could perhaps be an earlier design or something. I would definitely not buy those speakers without checking with the manufacturer.

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I will say personally I like the look without those two screws there are a lot of screws on those speakers already!

At some point, their design changed. The dealer should be able to answer that question.  If the dealer can’t,Graham should be able to. The date of build should be on the placard on the rear of the speaker. I have a pair of LS3/5’s that were built on 10/12/2015. Enjoy them! 

are they missing from both speakers?  

if not, you can remove one from the other speakers and measure it to buy one from a screw supplier.  

if i were buying these speakers i would make them a low ball offer on price.  

I am still waiting an answer from Graham customer care….It is really unusual this thing..