Graham phantom MK2 /. Simon Yorke S10

The Better choice?


SME Mount or Graham Mount ?

9 or 10 or 12 inchs ?

Thanks for your help
On the mount, it depends on the table you have. The Graham mount is physically smaller, which allows the arm to be mounted on a wider variety of tables. I also found it very easy to install and set up.

Arm length also depends on the table, but is also a cartridge compatibility concern and personal preference. Other forums have a world of info on the merits (or lack thereof) of long arms. For my application, the 9 inch arm was the way to go.

Have fun & good luck!
Why not use either the S7 (9inch or 12inch) or the Aeroarm? Simon Yorke does not recommend the use of other manufacture's arms on their tables.
I can buy any arm in the world and I still choose the Graham Phantom Supreme. No arm has a better and more accurate VTA on the fly scheme other than Graham. Bubble level for repeatable desired VTA for any record thickness in seconds. The sound is that of the records grooves/cart, nothing more. I have both 10" and 12". Go for the 12" if you have the room on the table.
Hi Rockitman
Do you have 2 Graham phantom Supreme one 10 and 12 inchs on same turntable? Which Mount d SME or Graham Mount?

Thank svv

I run the 10", traditional Graham/Linn mount on my clear audio table for mono playback and a 12" on my TechDAS in the rear position for stereo. I am still waiting for production to finish on my Graham Phantom Elite arm 10" that I will run in the TechDAS's main arm position. I have sme mount for the TechDAS. Sme gives you a little fore and aft movement once mounted, whereas the Graham mount has to be drilled perfectly unless you are using a cantilevered arm board like those on the clearaudio innovation.
I had all Grahams in all lengths, the best one is Standard 9" with Graham mount. All mounted on the same table, used with same cartridges and compared / controlled each one to correct geometry, best tracking results with various pressings.
Thanks for all.
Ok Syntax
I go to Graham phantom 9 with graham Mount.
Which Cartridge?

Thank you again
the Phantom works very well with a wide range of cartridges. Are there some you are interested? An excellent combination for example is Zyx Universe ...
I have an SME V armboard. Will the Graham SME mount mate to the SME V's mounting holes? I tried asking Graham but no reply.
I have an SME V armboard. Will the Graham SME mount mate to the SME V's mounting holes?
I pinged Graham Engineering again and received an answer:

The Graham Phantom SME mount "will line up perfectly and be nearly a drop-in replacement (with the 9-inch wand)... " relative to SME V mounting holes.