Granny says heah.

Last night while listening to my fleazilla in the small room I cupped my hands around my ears. You know just like Granny on the Beverly Hillbillys. The room is 11x 14 and setup to Cardas dimentions and mildly treated.
What I heard amazed me: more dymamics: more foward: more intimacy: a change in spectrum and more. I have some WAF absorbers behind the speakers and at wall first reflection points. It was almost like a mild front horn speaker. What should I do to go in that direction because I can't let her see me like this. Especally when I'm at 95 db. Halp!
All you have to do now is to just keep your hands in that position and let Elly May do the rest!
You will obtain a slightly similar effect if you use a high backed chair with a headrest. Leather might be the best material, as theoretically it will absorb less of the sound waves. Rest your head against the headrest and you will, if you're perceptive, notice a difference somewhat akin to the cupped hand to ear. However, it's not nearly as intense. The back of my chair is high enough to rest my head against, however most of the time I listen with my head away from it.

However, be aware that you are not hearing the music the most naturally, with the unaided ear, but rather a slightly modified/distorted form, similar to echoes from the back of an arena heard during a concert. I prefer not to have that effect most of the time. Of course, if you enjoy it, who cares? It's your rig, your ears, your fun! :)

If the Batphones are designer, then you may be better off spending your money on the chair! :)
Can this effect be replicated by tuning the room more to a live end/dead end by removing all sound absorbation behind the listener or maybe a more sensitive speaker (more dynamic)? I don't want to go down the horn road.
I remember that years ago some vendor offered 'ears' that you put on your ears to create the 'granny' effect. What it told us, proven by many research projects that are done in the hearing aid field, is that the shape and contours of each person's ears will make a difference in what they hear. Ideally, a set of Obama ears will provide a better hearing experience, not that I believe he ever 'listens'.
Is it me, or is there no mention anywhere in the link provided by Mofi or on the Yanko Designs website if these Batphone Ear Extensions are actually for sale? I want to buy a pair and crack up my colleague. I do have a problem with my one co-worker who speaks so darn softly I am always asking her to repeat herself. I want to pop into her office one day with these on.

PS - whether I am deaf and in denial or not, I like my system as is and do not like high-backed listening chairs.
I checked out the link. I might have to get a pair of those ear extensions, especially if they come in marvelously hip colors.
I don't think I'd wear them in public though, there would be too much explaining to do.
After reading the above about a high backed chair,one made of leather might work wonders.A friend has high backed leather recliners in their theater room,and I get that affect you might be looking for.They are comfortable too!
When I was searching for a listening chair years ago some unorthodox types seemed at first blush inviting. I thought stressless chairs might be very enjoyable. However, I saw that they inclined the body such that the ears were not in optimum position for listening, so they were rejected. It can be a task to find a chair which is comfortable but does not put you to sleep. I certainly would not enjoy a chair which every time I sat down to listen knocked me out! I want to be alert, not anesthetized. I put enough time/money into systems that I want to hear them, not sleep through their performance. So, beware a chair that is TOO cushy.

I find that I can live with a chair that is a touch less cushy if it has an ottoman. Putting my feet up is as important to relaxation as anything. :)
Yea Doug: I built the sand box for my amps bigger so I can rest my feet in them. But that didn't change the room acoustics.