Grant Fidelity B-283

Hi everyone, anyone tried the Grant Fidelity B-283 and if so how is it? Thanks
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I use a yaqin that is the same as the GF product. Mine is the model that uses 6sn7 tubes. It is very nice for the money, I use it between the output of my dac and my preamp and it is well worth it and makes a nice improvement. It is also sensitive to the tubes used.
I've been looking at this too, actually a solution like this. but at the same time I'm torn between B-283 and the P-307 Pre Amp. Technically for just a little more you end up w/a Pre Amp.
Any thoughts?
I've been using the B-283 MK2 for a while now. It has reduced the digititist in my system. Smoothed the edges and I believe extended the dynamic range a bit.
I've got matched Tung-Sol 6SN7 GTB's installed. Worth the small investment to me.