Grateful Dead One from the Vault

Has anyone heard the German LP release? What are your impressions? Is it worth trying to find?
Thanks in advance
As far as i know the GD merchandising never released this on vinyl. My gues is this is cd transferred to vinyl
Grateful Dead Records (London, England) did release this on vinyl. It is somewhat tough to find, but I have had a couple of copies. The vinyl is not heavyweight, and the sound did not blow me away. The music is killer of course.

I have been looking for Two From the Vault on vinyl for years and have had no luck. Apparently that was officially released, as well. When I first saw One From the Vault at a record show I assumed it was a bootleg. I contacted GD Merchandising, and they confirmed it was, indeed, an official release.

If anyone has Two From the vault on vinyl, let's talk!

I found a German website that lists it as a GD Records release. The music is what I'm after and if it is well recorded.
Hi Mike,

I may have found it through Google. I tracked it down to a place in Italy, if memory serves. I may have been searching other countries' amazon.coms, when I found it. It took a while. It was not Gemm, I remember that. But, Gemm is a good source--in case you don't already know. I paid around $100.