Greater knowledge of Agon community for streamer/pre-amp solution

Hopefully the greater experience of this group of audio enthusiasts can expand the range of options...
Single-unit streamer/pre-amp minimum requirements:
  • Streamer: stand-alone, NAS (FLAC and others), AmazonHD and native MQA
  • Connectivity: Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth aptX-HD
  • Pre-amp: for input selection and volume control
  • Inputs: coax SPDIF (for DVD-player), RCA (for other analog sources)
  • Outputs: coax SPDIF (for connection to input of miniDSP nanoDIGI)
  • Wireless remote
  • Front-panel display
  • PC/Android app control
Bonus for the following:
  1. Amplifier built-in (example: NAD M32)
  2. Phono input (example: NAD M32)
  3. Sub output(s) (example: NAD M32)
  4. Shows album art on front display (example: NAD M10/M33/M50.2)
  5. Balanced XLR in/outputs
  6. HDMI in/outputs (example: NAD M32 w/HDMI-2 MDC module)
  7. Roon endpoint capability (example: NAD M32/M50.2)
Examples that don’t meet requirements and why:
  • Bluesound Node2i: missing coax SPDIF input
  • NAD C388 w/BluOS2i: missing coax SPDIF output <-- what I have now (no coax output)
  • NAD M10 and M33: missing coax SPDIF output
  • Denon DNP-800NE: missing coax SPDIF output
  • Denon DRA-800H: missing coax SPDIF output
  • Marantx ND-8006: missing RCA input
  • Anything that doesn’t have AmazonHD integration
  • Anything that uses non-commercialized software, like Volumio-based things (ex: miniDSP SHD)
Examples that meet requirements:
  1. NAD M50.2: streamer/NAS/pre-amp
  2. NAD M32 w/BluOS: streamer/integrated

What other units fit these requirements?
Buncha baloney.
MQA is hyped prprietaey BS.
Bluetooth is useless.
Front display has no effect on SQ.
And if the device is not in the sweet spot it is totally bogus. You can't see it and enjoy listening simultaneously. All streamers have display on their remote screens, some much better than others like NAD who shares the same crappy interface with it's sister brand BlueSound.
On and on.
@fuzztone this thread isn't about opinions on MQA, BT, SQ or front-panel displays. Find debates on that elsewhere. This thread is about our community knowledge of the wide range of products available and their capabilities - to help fellow members achieve their goals. Thank you for respecting that effort.

Update: NAD M50.2 is missing all pre-amp functions - strike it from the list of examples that meet requirements.

Seems like there should be a fit somewhere in the wide range of products from Sound United, but I can't find one. Hopefully someone knows of something.
I am not sure if there is anything on the market that will do absolutely everything on your wish-list but you can get close with Primare. 

The PS Audio Stellar Strata has full MQA decoding and all of your other must features with the exception of digital outputs.  

The Primare I35 Prisma.  It is a Roon endpoint and Roon will do the first unfold of MQA so it goes to 24/96 in terms of MQA and they are looking to add support for full MQA at some point via software.  It has most of the other features your are looking for.  This is probably as good as it gets and has a ton of inputs and outputs.  

Primare offers several units without the amp built in as well.

PM me if you are interested.  
@verdantaudio thanks, but coax output is the only feature I'm missing now with the C388 w/BluOS2i & HDMI-2 MDC modules. This one missing output is the cause of this search. Basically, I'm looking for everything I have in the C388, plus one coax output. Willing to give-up the amp section for it.
I just found a note in the NAD M32 user manual that says it will not route BluOS signal through digital (SPDIF) outputs.

Looks like it will have to be a separates: Node2i and yet-to-be-discovered preamp with coax in and out (along with all the other typical in/outs).

Anyone have ideas on what preamps offer (minimum):
  • SPDIF coax input
  • Phono input
  • SPDIF coax output
  • Unbalanced RCA out
  • Balanced XLR out (might as well)
BTW, NAD M32 will not pass BluOS signal through to the coax output - says in the manual.

Seems the next best option is getting Node2i (for AmazonHD streamer) coax output.

Until then, I added an HDMI-2 MDC module to my NAD C388 (now fully-loaded with MDCs), and have CD player connected to C388 by HDMI (for audio), and CD-player coax out is freed-up to be routed directly to nanoDIGI. Solves all issues, except AmazonHD cannot be routed to nanoDIGI. Which means it can be used for testing sound quality, but not normal listening with Bluesound app - for that, I’ll have to use the ML electrostats (for now).
I think you’re going to need two boxes minimum to achieve all of that.

The Naim NDX 2 comes pretty close but doesn’t have the phono input. Also look at Ayre QX-5 and Lumin S1, U1.
Thank you all for the recommendations.

Think I've solved the issue by adding HDMI-2 NAD MDC module, and plan to strip  the audio and convert to coax, which will feed the nanoDIGI. I have validated the stream does come out from the HDMI outputs of the MDC module - so looks hopeful so far.