greeting ,some advice from the masters please..

Hello everyone,
 I am a newbie here, but i have  been an avid audio guy since an early age ( i got smg's with my 1st tax return at 16 yrs old lol ). I started working at an audiophile equipment store at 17yrs old  (The Discerning Ear 88' Baltimore MD.) Fast forward to  ten years ago, i had a house fire and lost everything including my system at the time lp 12 maggie arm,conrad jonson pv.and amp,Luxman cd , maggie mg3a,  2 sunfires etc and 5000cds,1500 vg+ albums inclunding my vpi machine.I got really jaded from the loss of the music mostly it took a lifetime to collect ,But i have gotten the bug again in the last yr or so . I have a mf nu vista m3 intergrated, a mf 3d cd player ,vpi classic ,benz and maggie 1.6qr( i sold them for yrs and just love the company and have had alot of them). I am ,considering a different choice lately and that brings me here for advice,
The specifics..
12'.6"x16'x10' timberframe house 6" thick wood walls before inso and exteriors,exposed roof rafters,1.5" thick tongue and groove ceilings and carpeted concrete floors( dedicated audio room ,sofa and equipment only).
I listen to jazz,blues,funk,rock ( floyd,elp,tull,genesis,classic rock etc.) I am lucky enough to have dedicated HT room 24'x28' 17' vaulted ceilings. So in my audio room i can do whatever.I have been toying with buying a used set of something say for under $2500.any thoughts??? I love the proacs 2s with a sub ( i have a hsw12 with the maggies 50hz) Anyway sorry for rambling. I like low levels with a tube sound but i like to jam sometimes too ,I certainly have the power.any suggestions on a used pair  monitor or foorstanding?
Thank you

I'll put forth my usual suspects - based on somewhat similar listening conditions and your price point.

Reference 3A de Capo monitors

Acoustic Zen Adagio floorstanders

The ProAcs will also always be a standby

As will, truthfully, Maggie 1.7's.  You MF puts out 250w -which is plenty to drive just about anything. The de Capos are rated to 150, I believe. Still, I doubt you'll ever be using the full 250w capability.
Thanks simao,
I re-read my post and it rambled a little ,the nu vista m3 is rated at 275w into 8ohms it has a 33lb outboard power supply its a beast and i’m sure it pushes over 400w a side into 4ohms.maggies crave power and imo they just sound better when they have it. I sold them for years and the mg3a’s we ran with many amps ,luxman,mac,tandberg and cj ,150w rated 8ohms would clip at volume and pop fuses in the ribbons.personnally i believe the sound planers produce never really sounds as loud in db the same as a say proac or bw.I have never heard the 3a capos.,i remember how impressive the 2s pro acs were and they seem to still hold in that 2k range ( i mean no disrespect to anyone but the bw sound isnt really for me ,although my buddy has the 802d3 with mac which is impressive but costly ) .I am in nor cal i will begin the search on these recommended models i also hear alot about monitor audio ,like i said i’ve been out of the scene for awhile so i’m not current withe the models . I can honestly say if ya like planers its tough to replace them period.I rarely even use my sub unless i,m rocking out .do you have the 1.7’s? i havn’t heard them ,i have heard the 1.6qr are still the go to expecially for the money i scored mine for 800 bucks.i would run the 3’s but i fear my room is just too small, i biamped mine in a dedicated 24’x20’ sonexed room back then with krell and cj with 2 sunfires it was impressive for the total price invested .
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I have Adagios, but I used to own Maggie 3.6R's, powered by an ARC VS-110. They would be too big in my current space, but no other speaker I've owned projected as much as they did. They simply filled the room with rippling music.
My dimensions are 19' wide by 17' deep. I sold the ARC a lifetime ago and use a beautiful sounding LSA Statement integrated.
I had one then switched to cj pv series loved them with my maggies with ss on the bottom .. I am not so finiky as i was then but i can say my old setup with sound panels was excellent for under 25 k it was hard to beat .. Are you loving the zens ?
Yes, the LSA is a tremendously under-rated keeper. I like my Adagios. I've only had them for about six months, so I'm still getting used to them, and they've only been in the new room for maybe three months, but they're very transparent and very pure-sounding speakers. Plus, Robert Lee is a joy to work with.

Welcome! Many Thanks for sharing your story and sorry for your loss.
Nature can be a real barrier to life.  Good to read that you are getting back into the "game".

Are you still in MD?
No im not . I did some moving around and found happiness deep in the rewoods of california .i am among the very few here i bet because i live completly off grid! I have a large solar system with a gen backup 120 hz steady  , i do use  conditioners but nothing special 😔there pricey . I have another freind with 100k in his setup 802 diamonds and big macs also off grid .. Rare im sure ,sun is free 👍 I also run a full ht room 24x28 7-1 setup with epson 120" screen 👍 I can run it all at once on a sunny day no sweat 🙏
As luck would have it i found a set of adagios a half hour away.unheard of were we live . Thank you Rasmus and to your freind ,you were great to deal with and i got a smoking deal....ohh yaa!!!
Get Rega Mira 3, replace its speaker terminals to Cardas copper ones.  Its about 400-500 used, The new Bowers Wilkins CM8s2 , about $2200 if you bargain. The combo will sound amazing in your setup.