Ground loop hum

Just installed my Anthem MRX300 with PVA5 and have a hum . When I remove the Sunfire mark 2 the hum thru the speakers disappears. When I take the Sunfire to my friends Emotiva set up there is no hum thru his Martin loagans. When I replace the sunfire with an Energy there is not hum. Previously with the Marantz Sr19 there was no hum thru the speakers either. All else remains the same. Any guidance?
If you have cable or sat tv unhook it and see if hum is gone. If it is (and I bet it will be gone) then have your service company fix the earth ground, it will be free.
Check the ground fault on your outlets. As far as I know Sunfire uses tricy power chord where ground plug isn't used. If you have a ground fault it's gonna hum for sure.
Even if there's a ground fault, if I use my Sunfire SRA via power conditioner, it's no hum at all.
Thank you both I'll try the sat tonight.

Marakanetz which power conditioner do you use?

I often disagree with your advice, but I think you may have hit the nail on the head this time. Since DirecTV installed Whole Home, connecting the receivers to our LAN, a noticeable hum was introduced to what had been a silent system. I thought the unit they attached to the receiver might be too close to something, but perhaps it needs to be grounded. I'll follow up on your advice. Thanks.

Chad, I meant both. You're very free with your advice/opinions, some of which seem good, some less so. Of course, opinions are what they are; advice can be misleading.

I've been playing with audio for over 60 years, my doctoral and post-doctoral work was in psychoacoustics, yet sometimes I've contributed ill conceived posts to this site. I'm trying to be more reticent in my urge to respond, but my snarky nature gets in the way. Kal Rubinson has got me off base a few times, but then I find his posts often too cryptic to be useful.

Anyway, thanks for the lead about grounding the connection to our LAN; I'll follow it.


How about using some of the various hum busting devices? I've got two different kinds in my 3 systems in my house. They are cheap, do the job, andI have no clue how they work, but they don't seem to cause any sonic degredation.
I like a debate, love to sprinkle in some controversy when its opinion based. But I think my advice is mostly sound and there is plenty I never offer on simply because I just dont know. I like to make this all fun if even just for me.
I do hope the hum is solved!
I placed a cheater plug on the sub and the Hum went away. Any drawbacks on this method?