Grounded grid, rouge Metis or Perseus

So I am wanting to add a preamp to my system in hopes of improving my 2-channel experience. my system is currently being run by a onkyo tx sr806 my only source for music is a Pro-ject 2 Xperience Acryl into a PS audio GCPH my other sources are cable and dvd for HT. I have a set of TAD Hibachi-II Mono Block Amplifiers waiting in the wings. I currently have budget of $800 But could stretch to $1000. I have been looking at the Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid Preamp and Bruce has said he could put in tape out jacks that just take the signal from the selector switch and bypass the volume control and circuit. My other option is a Rouge Metis and use the and use the fixed output for HT bypass Or should I wait until my budget would allow
until my budget would allow the purchase of somthing like the Rouge Perseus with a proper HT bypass.Is a HT bypass necessary?Are there any other preamps in this range new or used I should be looking at.
You don't need the HT bypass. Really, its the same as a particular setting on your volume control, so all you have to do is set your volume to the right point and you are all set to go.