Gryphon Diablo 300 vs 120. Any Difference? Gryphon vs Luxman L-590AXII?

With easy to drive speakers, is there a difference in sonic signature between the Diablo 120 and 300?

After going through several threads on this forum as well as others, I was made to understand that the Gryphon is a very raw, dynamic and live sounding amp which rendered all other amps sound soft, dull or laid back. The Gryphon was said to be slightly dark sounding but very transparent.

In comparison to the Luxman L-590AXII, does the Gryphon sound harsh or unrefined in the midrange and treble? I am aware that system synergy is everything particularly the match between the amp and speakers but I’m trying to get a feel how a Gryphon actually sounds like.



The Gryphon sound could never be characterized as unrefined. The sonic signature is highly resolved, but not harsh. The 300 seems to have a sort of “love/hate” reputation. The 120 on the other hand is generally considered to be the more “mellow” of the two. Both really shine with the right cables and overall system. One thing either Gryphon will do is show you any shortcomings in your system. They both with grab your speakers by the nuts and hang on. The bass control and slam are very real. Other amps to consider in this realm are the Hegel H390 and 590. Both are amazing as well. I could live with the sonics of either the Hegels or the Gryphon (I own the 120). Haven’t heard the Luxman, some love them, some not so much. I honestly don’t think any of the above are “better” or “worse” than the other. All of these are great amps, it boils down to your system, room and overall preferences to decide which you prefer. IMO you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Thanks for the post.  I agree it's a matter of preference and taste apart from system synergy. All are good.

The Diablo 300 looks like a beast at 84 lbs and I was wondering if the lighter 120 would be comparable. Mellow doesn't sound good though.

@ryder the 120 isn’t mellow at all, perhaps I misspoke. The 120 is a bit more mellow than the 300, but mellow may be a strong word. Overall, the 120 is not mellow.

Gryphon is on a another level altogether much better sounding as well as precision 

and build quality .m6 brother has a Diablo 300, the 590 Luxman is pretty decent 

but dynamics,detail,soundstage just not on this level 

the Diablo especially the 300 is like over $20 k in seperates and more cohesive. Then any separates at$10k + each , plus you need to buy quality. Interconnects and power cords.

I loved both…! I can’t tell you that I heard a substantial difference between the two amps. Perhaps a little more dynamic headroom…? The 300 was at the limit of what a single strong person can move on his own and worth every pound….! I was driving a pair of SF Serafino’s and they sounded detailed, clean, precise with a bass whollop that made my chair kick me in the back. I owned both amps for about 3 months each. My only source was a DCS Bartok. Let them warm up a little before passing judgement. They 300 ran pretty hot so give it a lots of breathing room. I eventually sold the 300 as my personal preference headed towards the tube sound. With the Bartok both the 120 and the 300 were a little too clinical and “perfect” for my ears. Maybe the speakers also were a little too bright…? When I bought the 120, I was comparing it to the McIntosh MA 352. My ear jumped right to the Diablo… No contest.

I’ve since upgraded to an ARC amp and pre-amp at practically three times the cost… The Diablo 300 is an awesome piece at $11,500…!