Guess who has new speakers in their lab?

Well the suspense is over and six hours ago 7300 people up to this point also know that his new speakers are… Wait for it, just a little bit longer, need to be patient, he needs to remove the giant red sleeves.

The suspense is killing me. And finally after several months of being patient i will find out what speakers he now has. But first he needs to go down memory lane to see the pretty pictures of his past incredibly expensive speakers. I can’t believe the moment has come.

At three minutes and 41 seconds it’s revealed that the new speakers we’ve been very patiently waiting for, which are proclaimed as being the best speakers he has ever owned, which weigh in at 560 pounds apiece and cost $250,000 presumably for the pair. They’re pretty damn nice looking, really big. And the winner is… really? I’m not gonna tell you …. you’re gonna need to watch the video. And don’t forget to smash the like button and become a subscriber.



Is there a way to ban drivel like this aimed at promoting an amateur business venture . Just pure advertising. 

Here is just one A'goner's viewpoint.

I don't find it at all unusual that OP would put a discussion about a video pertaining to speakers in the amp-preamp section.

The speaker Jay has purchased is beautiful and based on my short audition of the lesser SF Lilium I don't doubt it deserves to be included with others at the top of the food chain.

Jay had one of the most popular threads in A'gon history for years before going "commercial" with his you tube channel.

I have never found him to be abrasive.

I wish him tremendous success; he has worked for it.



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I think it's a big event. This is the only place you can see extremely high speakers routinely

It’s a non-event. And you need to cut the 💩 with these posts.