Gustard - Warranty Repair in the US?

Does Gustard have a place in the US for warranty repair?

Or, do you have to ship it back to someplace in China.

Thanks as I'm interested in the R26 DAC


one of the downsides of chi-fi (at least those brands who have not yet set up a stateside service center)

nice to save $ at the purchase, but no free lunch goin' around

I picked up my R26 from Aoshida. They cover warranty repairs for Gustard. You need to cover shipping cost to but they pay it back. My simple rule is the same buying a tv at Best Buy. When they ask if I want extended warranty. I will reply that if you think I need it you need to show me a different tv! Most electronics if they will go bad they will in the first 24. All manufactures run they for a few hours before shipping. 

Good to know.


I have one a 

  • Gustard X26 Pro Full-Balanced MQA DAC Dual ES9038PRO LDAC USB/Coaxial/Optical/IIS XMOS HiFi Class A Decoder with Remote (Black)

and it was working great until just now and the optical wont lock onto the signal I changed the cords etc and nothing. I will keep checking but will probably need to send it back for repair. Very Very Strange it was working literally earlier today and now this.