Haitian Divorce lyrics

I was amazed the way Steely Dan places its lyrics in Haitian Divorce in particular.
Strong and short intro
Strong and short development
Artistic using of incomplete phrases!

Shortly saying the long western story had been placed onto the 5 min masterpiece with few short solo's.

After 'unzipping' the meanings of these slightly weird lyrics, I still didn't figure who is 'Clean Willie'?

Please share if anyone knows!
Please share your experience with other weird Steely Dan's..
That song is sooooo cooooolll. Everything about it is so carefully placed tongue in cheek, encoded, Love the slight Reggae/vibes/vocorder arrangement... I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they were writing this, the creative process.
Here's the facts from the lips of Fagen himself. The following article appeared in the December 25, 1976 issue of Sounds:

"Well, the first few verses are plain enough. Babs and Clean Willy get married, right? But things don't work out somehow, and off they go to Haiti to grab themselves a quickie divorce. Then Babs heads off to some sleazy night club to drown her sorrows."

"If you've been paying attention, you'll know she's in a drugged stupor by now and probably doesn't know anything about it. She is later... er... impregnated by this exotic gentleman. Later she is reunited with Clean Willy and they have some rather bizarre offspring ("Who's this kinky so-and-so")

And then the chorus marks a second expedient divorce."
I read that too.
I even questioned myself about first verse phrase 'got to get a getaway ...
...that she really went alone to Haiti...