hana ML vs Rega Ania pro on Rega P8

I bought a Rega P8 with Ania Pro pre installed.  It's really nice and a breeze to use.  I've kept it as a second table and am thouorulghy impressed with the the performance.  My main table is a VPI classic 3 with Ortofon cadenza black and both tables are plugged into a Manley steelhead so really easy to switch between them.  I happen to have a Hana ML sitting here that is barely used.  I'm wondering what kind of trouble it is to mount on the P8.  Would I need shims, would it sound much better than the Ania pro.  If anyone has advice I'd appreciate.  


I don’t know, but I had been considering the Hana ML.
How that I have a phono stage that can run it, I am considering it more.
If you move it on, let me know please.

I'm just wondering about the VTA and if you have to use shims.  The one thing I don't like about the Rega is no adjustment to the VTA


Using non Rega carts defeats the Rega philosophy.

Using shims for a non Rega cart is hit or miss. Mount the cart and determine if you like the sound in its non optimized state. It may actually be pleasing to you since VTA is ultimately subjective to the ear.