Hanging Speakers from the Ceiling... Macrame???

Hi All,

How many of you can still see the image of speakers hanging from eye-hooks in the ceiling, cradled in macrame slings? I am considering this dated technology, and would like some feedback on both the speaker positioning approach and where to get the right speaker hangers.

The speakers under question are Harbeth Compact 7's. I know. What a waste. They should be placed on sturdy stands, on the floor, half way out into the room! But here is my situation. I just bought my first house, and am in the process of installing a listening room. The "second system" will be in the living room, which is slanted upward from 8 to 14 feet high over a 17-foot span. There isn't really room on the floor for the speakers, and the "serious listening" will happen in the listening room. So, I thought I'd load the room from up high, from the high end, firing down into the listening space. Is that a crazy idea? I know I'll lose my imaging, but it fits the room and provides the ambient music. OK - what do you think.

Assuming I am going to do this, what types of hanging is available for suspending from the ceiling? Should I go to ebay and search for macrame?

Thanks for your suggestions.
I would be concerned about speaker movement.....
A lot of bass may make them sway while giving no bass at all.
Commercially, many clubs use "all thread" to hang speakers. This is a giant threaded pole about 3/8" in diameter that will mount to the ceiling and speaker with basic plumbing or electrical brackets or with countersunk nuts. If you use several pieces per speaker, it will eliminate the sway.
I would also use a sub to keep the hanging speakers from trying to produce bass.
Go ahead and hang them. Use any kind of cord, or chain. Drive them with some heavy bass, and see if they move. Most people who dispagage hanging speakers have never done it.
Wow, flashback! I had a friend who did this way back when - of course his setup was complemented by tie-dye wall hangings and beaded curtains (not to mention the various things laying around on the, um, "coffee" table).

Seriously, it sounds like a very reasonable solution to the situation you describe. I have heard hanging speakers in the past, and at least for the kind of ambient-music goal you describe I think it is going to sound fine. I'm sure you can find someone to macrame hangers for you; I'd bet a visit to a local Lowes or Home Depot might turn up some other options as well. Let us know what you come up with.
I got curious and did a little Googling. I'll bet this guy could help you out: http://webpages.charter.net/paulftw/
I have helped a friend hang speakers. I suggested purchasing a pair of backpacking hammocks. They worked great. The speakers were 2-ways with 8" woofers. They never set themselves in motion via bass output.
I did this once using thick rope. One of the speakers slipped out of the rope and crashed to the floor, missing my daughter's head by about a foot. My wife freaked. The other speaker was floor standing that night. Scary. Make sure you secure the speaker VERY WELL.
Thanks guys. Great suggestions. I especially like the web link. I'll get in touch with this guy!
if the speaker does not move on the ground, it will not move hanging in the air. if they arn't hanging yet, give me a quick explanation of how to attach a picture, and i will send a picture of my re-30. hung upside using nylon webbing and a swivel. $30 total. they dont move and i have loaded them up with 200 watts of hip-hop.
You can use a product at home depot called aircraft cable and it has a very nice finish.