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Pink Floyd's Pulse DVD finally
i got mine. great sound and video. took me back to when i saw them in concert about 12 years ago. Rest in peace Syd Barret.i especialy like the audio setup. can someone tell me if this pink noise test will tell me ref level for my -5dB m... 
Anyone spend more on their system than their car?
my system cost way more than my car (is worth). i drive an escort, that is how i can afford this sport. i would like to move up to an 05 or 06 mustang here in about 4 years. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
the rusty wire that holds the core that keeps the anger in... gives way and suddenly its day again. (two suns in the sunset, Pink Floyd)the sun is not yellow its chicken. (Dylan) 
Thoughts on A/V receivers
for what it's worth, i'm happy with my onkyo 702. it has all the watts you will ever need for the 5 surround channels. just use a seperate amp of your liking for your mains. 
power amp condition durring dvd playback
when i say at the begening of crash i mean before the movie started. ok i just fired up the stuff and i notice with the dvd player in stop mode the needels are hovering above 0 and when i crank the volume the needels rise to .3 watts at 0db and th... 
Can I place a large amp on its side?
no way, don't do it. are you mad? it will likely cut the servace life in half.put it on all four feet with at least 6 inches overhead clearance. 
A worse feeling than burning out your amp?
Chadnliz, i did not know that was a condition that we need to avoid (turning on amp when voulme is turned up). i will keep this in mind.i have fried a pair of channels when i ran built in test tones on an avr. rear speakers had been modified and i... 
can i turn full range speakers in to a pair of sub
the nht and the cv both have 1 in dome tweaters made of metal and sound alike. but i will probbly end up using something that goes down to 70Hz. 
Good AV Receiver with good AM/FM reception.
i have always had to listen to am radio on a clock raido or my realistic sta-12 i got at a furnature store for $5. but my new onkyo ts xr 702 does suprisingly well. have to leave my amp off for am though. just the cheap antenna that came with it w... 
should i listen to cs's on dvd or cd player
i have been listening to the yamaha for 10 years and have never seen the need for upgrade. i have listened to the onkyo for a couple of months now and it sounds the same except for some strange noises at the start of playback. similar to other che... 
where is ref level on the realitine scale
forgot to include sub, klipsch ksw12, in my system. also typo on the cerwin vega RE 30. all cables and cords are decent quality. onkyo dv-cp702 dvd changer.BTW, the re-30"s (4 ohms) rock when connected to the carver 100 wpc. 
where is ref level on the realitine scale
thanks everybody, and sorry for rushing through the question. i am talking about ref level while watching a home theater. i dont know if anybody has experance with onkyo receivers but it came with a mic for speaker setup. it played loud white nois... 
where is ref level on the realitine scale
ok relative, third time is a charm. is 0dB ref or max? or is there no set number. the reciever is thx. 
rated power test results sound & vision mag
Sean, thanks for the link to s&v and the comments. i thought about buying used but i really do want the latest thing here. i still like the tx sr702 for the features like thx, pure audio, good remote. i don't know if it has a clipping indica... 
rated power test results sound & vision mag
i will not pay $700 for an avr that wont do more than around 80 watts per channel. i'm hoping that is what the sr702 will do. that is around the same watts as the hk at this price point. i have listened to the integra with the same specks powering...