Harbeth C7ESXD tube amp recommendation

Hi guys

I‘m looking for a tube amp for my wonderful Harbeth C7ES3 XD. So far I‘m considering:

1. Airtight ATM-2 (used)

2. Jadis Orchestra Reference

3. Lab12 integre4

Thy all seem to be a good march with Harbeth. The downside of the Jadis is probably the Bias setting. The downside of the Airtight to replace the original tubes. Any other suggestions?


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A pair of the new Carver Black Magic are having my kef blade2 sing & dance. Checked them out yet? Home trial also. 

Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III. 

I had the C7ES3 with the Cronus Magnum II and it was an excellent sounding match.  The Harbeth's thrived on the KT120 100 watts.  

With the “right” system, tubes by CROFT paired with high-end Brit speakers are great…. ,(they were dealer auditions for CROFT separates , or alternatively an CROFT integrated amp driving SPENDORs and AVALON ACOUSTICs.)

FYI: here’s an right-on-point testimonial with Harbeth p3ES



I‘ve just got a pretty good offer for an almost new Airtight ATM-1s for about 1/3 of the price. The decision is getting even harder.

I've listened to a higher-end ($9K-ish) Jadis and it was impressive. 

I have Harbeth 30.2XDs paired with 2 REL subs - powered by a Raven Audio Osprey, which is also impressive. Customer service is equally impressive/personal and they offer a 45 day trial if you are in the US. Just started tube rolling - now the real fun starts. 

They only sell direct so you can figure the math (Cost/Value)