Harbeth p3esr SE

I've seen 3 ads for the Special edition in the last month, but very few P3esr used.  Has anyone heard the differences to comment ? What are they?

I was surprised to see, thanks for your thoughts.
IIRC the Special Edition version was released very early in the P3ESR run.  Someone Alan Shaw respected told him he should use higher quality wiring in the cabinet so he started doing so.  I don't think I've ever seen a non Special Edition sold and I'm not sure any ever even made it to the North American market.  The whole story is used to be on Harbeth's website.  Not sure if it's there anymore.
I bought a Special Edition pair in the US in 2010 - it was my understanding that the US distributor requested the internal wiring upgrade and Alan Shaw obliged.  No sonic difference...
I called a dealer and they said the only difference was the se had more exotic wood finishes.

+1 seikosha
That dealer is giving you bogus information. The se uses OFC wiring. I’ve owned 3 pairs in 3 different types of wood and they were all called special edition. I have never seen any other. If you doubt it then you should give A.Shaw a call!