Harbeth SHL 5 amplification

In reviewing the Harbeth website there seems to be a strong bias towards high power solid state amplification. When I heard the SHL 5 on demo it was with the smallest Rogers Fidelity amplifier and for the most part it worked.  I run a Leben CS600  -with a modest 32 watts per channel and wonder if this will suffice to run a pair of SHL5's.  After reading the Harbeth user group's opinions, it seems it might be risky; though there does seem to be a tremendous under appreciation for the virtues on tube amplification on the Harbeth website.
Any thoughts?
Thats very helpful. My listening area is about 20 x 14.  We listen at mainly medium volume to music/ no home theater. I am currently driving a pair of Spendor SP-1 speakers which I believe have similar efficiency to the Harbeth speakers.  The amp seems to do fine with them; I am looking to modernize a bit.
Thanks for the insight
I heard Harbeth P7se (2? 3?) at a T.H.E. show in 'Vegas around 2007. They were driven by Plinius SA 103 and were stunning.
The SHL5+ requires some power to wake up. If going tubes I would recommend a stronger amp with 35+ watts. I’ve tried 30 and under and it simply wasn’t enough. The MastersounD BoX and Triode TRV-88ser did well powering them. I don’t recommend Single ended amps with these unless it’s a beefy parallel Single ended one. 

On on the other hand, the 30.2 absolutely sings with a modestly powered tube amp. 
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I owned these speakers and while they sound OK with tubes, they really need power and current.