Harbeth vs. Tyler

Newbie here (long-time musician), looking for my first (and hopefully last) real set-up. Planning a system around a Creek Destiny amp for a moderately sized bedroom. Listen to everything from classical to hip-hop, but not at excessively loud volumes. I've heard good things about both of these brands of speakers, and wanted to know if anyone has experience with both of these and can describe the differences. Unfortunately I'm not in a place where I can audition either of them. I'm particularly interested in the compact 7's and the linbrook bookshelves, but would welcome any general comments as well. Thanks for the knowledge . . .
Harbeth uses a different approach to cabinet resonance control. Instead of massive panels that absorb/store energy, they use light panels that dissipate energy quickly, I believe. The only reviews that are hard to find are negative ones. Harbeth has an enviable reputation, they were one of the original manufacturers of the LS3/5a.
I had the Taylos at one point, and never really got the sound sorted out in my system. I felt I was battling a meddle woofer sound. Other speakers including Totem Ones used in comparison did not seem to have this signature. Keep in mind this is just my experience, as you know many here at Audiogon have reported much better results.
I have never compaired these speakers side by side, but if I were going on faith, I would probably lean towards the Harbeths.
This is for the those who have never heard the Harbeths. I have owned many speakers and I have yet to see any which deliver more for the buck than do the Harbeths. They do what a speaker is supposed to do. They deliver the pure music and get out of the way, no more no less.

There are reviews out there on all the variious Harbeth models, and I have yet to see a bad review on any of them. Not my favorite, but last month's (I believe) Stereophile had a review on the ES73. Read it.


Ahh here's the big difference for me. harbeth is british. i do not like the british sound. Though Ooka may like it. Its personal preference. And i was not refering only to the cabinet. The poly drivers look cheap.
If you think it's hard to find a Harbeth review, try finding a thread on Tylers (or even not on Tylers), without Bartie shilling all day long.

Really - they're both good, but take the resident promotional goon's words for what they're worth.

And anyone who finds the Harbeth cabinet "cheap looking" is probably allergic to natural fabrics too.
I wish Muzikat had provided a really specific description of the tonal and resolution qualities of the Tylers and the Harbeths - especially since he has owned and heard them both.

I've owned other British Speakers, Rogers LS35A's and Studio 1A, as well as Quad 63's. If these represent 'British sound', and Harbeth represents British sound, I doubt that Tyler's speakers will sound much like them based on my experience with the Linbrooke Signature Systems that I presently use.

In comparison I would expect the Tyler's to have a warmer sound, both in the upper bass, and a little less high end energy (not resolution - I think the Tylers resolution using the millenium tweeter is outstanding). From all I've read about Harbeths (I've never heard a pair, but I'd like to hear one of the larger models) I would expect a very high quality/resolution speaker, tonally neutral, perhaps without the typical upper mid range dip that appears in a lot. They certainly are not some POS speakers that out VI seems to think they are!

Personally I really like the Tylers.