Tyler Acoustic Reference Monitor, what amp? sub?

I recently bought a pair of Tyler Reference Monitors for a second system and I wanted to seek opinions from people who have/had them on what amp works with them either tube or solid state. What subwoofer blends with it?IC's, speaker cables, and stands too.
Thanks a lot in advance.
I had great luck with an audiomat prelude intergrated.The lower price aperge would probably work well.I had the tyler stand filled halfway with sand.I biwired with siltech ls25 mxp which sounded great.
The nordess super flatline biwire worked well as a cheap alternative.
They are great speakers and Ty is a super guy.
Hope this helps.
Hi, i also have the Tyler Acoustic Reference Monitors. I'm using a Adcom 5802 Amp modified by Stan Warren with it. This combo sounds great. The mod was like 400 dollars. But the 5802 even without the mod, sounds great with the Tyler accoustics. The other amps i would recommend, are the Odyssey Stratos, Meridian 557 and the Classe 25 amp from the 90s Also check out the NAD S200 amp. It weighs like 70 pounds. I heard it at the Stereophile show on Gershman speakers. This system sounded really good. I'm using using the Triad In room Gold Sub on the Tyler speakers. This sub uses 2 Vifa 10 inch woofers and a 200 watt built in Amp. This is one of the best subs i heard. It sounds great on music and movies. This sub lists for 1500 dollars. I would also recommend the Velodyne, ULD 15, or the Velodyne HGS-12, or the HGS-15 sub. Another sub, which i heard at the Stereophile show, which sounded amazing on movies and Music was the Impact sub. But it lists for 2500 dollars. It uses 2 12 inch woofers and a 250 watt amp. Here's a pic of it. http://membrane.com/impact/products/prodairfoil.html
I'm using Custom House Barracuda speaker cables and the Barracuda interconnects. These are nice sounding cables. Here's there site. http://www.customhousecable.com/
I would also recommend the Tice 416 speaker cables and the Tice Iinterconnects. Lat also makes nice cables for the money. Also check out Miller Sound speaker cables and interconnects.
I have used a pair of Monarchy Audio SM-70's with my Taylo Reference Monitors. These were the most "tubelike" solid state amps I've heard. The compact size could allow you to place the amps behind your speaker stands. Highly recommended and available at a discount.

I now use the Plinius 8200 integrated. Very nice at about $1600 used.

By all means, get a pair of the matching stands from Ty. He generally will give a decent discount for owners of the speakers. I paid $200 for the stands when I bought the demo speakers.

I use the Nordost Super Flatline Bi-wire cables. Very nice!

Any comments from other owners about the sound and build of the Tyler Acoustic Taylo Reference Monitors?

An Awesome sounding sub for Music and Movies is the ACI Tital Sub. Here's a pic of it and reviews. http://www.audioc.com/speakers/TitanII/2001Titanle.htm
It looks like most people are using a solid state amp on them,and Doug99 thank you for the link on the Titan, I will check it out.With the stands I'm still trying to decide if I want to get the stands from Tyler or get the Osiris stands on closeout here at a dealer in Agon.Thanks a lot for all the responses, it's really appreciated.
The Titan II is one of the best subs you will ever find. If you're looking for musical, defined, powerful bass that blends perfectly, this is the one.
Doug99, your totally right, that ACI Sub is great. Thats a sub i forgot to mention.
I use Tyler Ref monitor with the PS Audio HCA-2 amplifier with great results. This combo sounded better then the Adcom 5802 I had (before I sold it). Very fast and tight bass, lots of air from the midrange. I can't ask for a better monitor and amp.
I use a Rowland Concentra integrated amp and find the sound to be outstanding. They create a huge soundstage as the speakers disappear, at the same time they are vibrant and alive.