Hard Drive for Naim Atom

Hi - I have a Naim Atom HE and use Quboz for streaming.  I have a large CD collection and would like to rip via DBpoweramp and put everything on a drive to connect to the Atom's UPNP server.  Should I be looking at SSD or HDD? And if I get an SSD, I would have to get an enclosure to connect the drive to the Naim's USB input correct?  Would it be more beneficial sonically to get some other device like a Naim Uniti Core to store and stream the music instead of just a hard drive?  Thanks very much for the help


External portable SSDs have USB input built into the drive. Look at the Samsung T7 for example. I just bought a 2TB one for FLAC files only (on a Windows laptop) and it is quite an improvement, likely due to no HDD crunching noises in the background. Plus access time is a lot faster. Recommend getting one bigger than you think you need to allow for future space. I automatically back that drive up + other drives using Macrium Reflect (scheduled image backups), onto a 8TB external desktop HDD but the external HDD powers itself down when not in use.