Hard to sell my Klipsch Heritage Speakers for a possible Harbeth upgrade.

I have both Chorus 2s and Cornwall with Bob Crite upgrades.  I was contemplating selling my Chorus 2s and decided to hook them up - LFD integrated AMP with phono stage, Crimson Audio cables, Schitt DAC and Thorens TT.  I am amazed how well the Chorus 2's sound.  Long term I plan on selling both the Chorus 2s and Cornwalls to fund a Harbeth purchase.  However, when I hook up these speakers I get cold feet.  Can the Harbeths really sound that good?

I have friends over and they think I am crazy.  And I have to tend to agree.  I cannot find a music genre that doesn't sound good through these speakers. 

As far as what I like better?  Hard to say - some days it is the Cornwalls and others the Chorus 2s.
so keep them....i have a pair of Cornwalls w Crites tweeters and better crossovers, some damping on the mid and Hf horn throats....they are great garage rockers....

If you like your system change nothing .
Upgrade should be done only if you are not satisfy from something or if you want to get better level of performance.
I heard many cases of ones who change their speakers and regret it and in some cases even bought the same speakers which they sold before.Don't go to unnecessary risky adventures.
If you like those speakers so much why would you change them? What model Harbeth are you looking to get? Harbeth and Klipsch are apples and oranges!
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Yes I know how it goes.  Whenever I get urge to try something different these days I listen to what I have and ask myself why and no good answer.