Harman Kardon Citation XXP and Citation X-1 - Looking for information.

Hello to all. I am brand new to the forum.

I have acquired a Harman Kardon Citation XXP preamplifier and Citation X-1 amplifier. These came from the original owner. They are in very good cosmetic condition and function properly. These date from about 1983 and were part of HK’s “cost is no object” effort to compete with McIntosh and Mark Levinson. My understanding is that very few were produced - perhaps as few as 100 or as many as 1000. The original price was about $10,000 US in 1983, or over $26,000 in today’s dollars.

The XXP has rack ears. The X-1 does not. I am trying to get a fix on a realistic current value. I am not necessarily a “vintage” aficionado and information from the web is sparse. I am aware that originally the XXP was paired with the XX amp; the X-1 amp was paired with the X-II preamp.

Informed feedback is very appreciated. Thanks!

Yeah, I remember reading about them in an old Stereo Review issue on the ‘High End’.  Value? Just keep them And enjoy.  

They were designed by Matti Otala, and nothing at the time was as good sounding.  At least this is what I’ve heard.