Harmonic Technologies VS AudioTruth Diam

Has anyone had experience with Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway MKII interconnects? Any opinions on the Audio truth Diamond x3?
You will get all sorts of responses concerning these 2 I.C.s and you may or may not get accurate informatin.When I was considering the pro-silway MK 2 I was told they sounded like this,like that and all sorts of opinions.I am pleased to say I didn't make my decision based on what I was told they sounded like.My dealer who can have anything in audio land had the Silways hard wired to his S.F. Line-3 and had the Line-3 rewired with H.T.silver wire.He told me these are the best he has heard and that was good enough for me.When I first sat to listen to my new Silways I thought "my P.B.J.s sound better than these.After 15 minutes things quickly began to change.Within 2 hours I was in awe at the way these I.C.s had matured.My system had recently had undergone a HUGE improvement when I bought the Rogue99 with phono and N.O.S. tubes.The Prosilways improved the sound of my stereo as much as the Rogue did.I was in audio Heaven!! I could not believe these I.C.s would do so much for my system.Rogue 99 with phono + N.O.S. tubes $2500 Prosilwas MK2 1.5 meter $530.00 same degree of improvemet.These I.C.s are said to work wonders with any system.Call Mario owner Toys From The Attic info@tfta.com Phone 914-421-0069 He will give you the best price PERIOD Tell him Tube Rush sent you.
I have both of these, the HT is borrowed and needs to go back soon. The Diamond x3 is a half meter, the Silway 2 is one meter. Both are RCA. The MIT 330 Shotgun is better overall than both. That said, the Diamond is faster everywhere, with a touch of grain in the presence region of the treble. It is more tonally neutral than the Silway, but leading edge transients are almost hyped, where the Silway's are more natural. The Silway has a huge spectral hole in the midrange, but has smoother timbre in the presence region. The Diamond has more air in the treble, but not a lot more. Bass is slower, but more dynamic with the Silway. If you could describe the bass of these two using a speaker analogy, the Diamond would be faster and more dynamic than a full range electrostatic. The Silway would be like the bass of the Wilson Watt Puppy. If your system is forward in the midrange, the Silway 2 is the interconnect for you.
Read the reviews,there are alot of them.The overall opinion of the seasoned reviewers is the Silways are the best or as good as the best, period. I have none of the negative sonics from these I.C.s that Carl describes.My opinion these I.C.s are amazing sounding.
wow. Thanks for the advice Carl and David. I actually ordered a pair of HT .5m prosilways from Ambrosia. He had a pair of .5m diamonds on consignment, so for $270 he is sending me both cables to try out...return the ones that I don't want. He said that they are supposed to arrive in 2 weeks because the HT guys will have to make the .5m special, for him. Please tell me where I can get cable reviews...better if off the web. I subscribe to Stereophile, but I usually only see cable reviews in the reccomended components listings. David. How much did you pay for yours. I don't want to call Toys from the Attic if I am not ready to buy. Carl. To get a better feel for where you are coming from, have you heard the Kimber kcag's. I got them used and decided that they had to go. Glaring. thanks
I used to have the Kimber Silver Streak. It lacked the dynamics of most other interconnects, and was somewhat soft with transient attack. The treble was a little rolled off, and the midrange was a little noisy; bass also lacked extension, slam, and pitch definition. I've not heard KCAG. An acquaintance of mine sold his $2000 Kimber Select interconnect, and thought the HT Silway was better (it might be, I don't know). Many reviewers are running around like rabid goats touting the Silway, it's pretty funny to watch. I've tried it against the following interconnects directly, and stand by my assertion that it is very laid back in the midrange (that doesn't mean it won't be great in the right context, though)...also several manufacturers I've spoken with feel the same way about it, so what I've heard isn't an anomaly, IMHO: Straight Wire Solo, AudioQuest Quartz, AudioTruth Lapis and Diamond, Cardas Neutral Reference, Tranparent Ultra, Transparent Reference (new version), MIT 330 Shotgun, MIT 350 Reference, and MIT 350 Shotgun EVO (easily the best in the world). Two more that I'd like to try are Straightwire Crescendo and the new Cardas Golden Reference. I don't expect either to measure up to the EVO, though. And I got it used for only $795 ($3100), so it is just amazing!!
FOR REVIEWS you can use your search engine or go to the web page audioreview.com or the H.T. site has reviews.You must remember the MK2 are quite new.Some of the reviews are for the MK1 which is also considered to be as good as the best.Also the H.T. Truthlink is said to outperform mostI.C.s I cant tell you what I paid for my Proslways.But I can tell you I couldnt have gotten them cheaper used. Call Mario 914-421- 0069 Tell him were buds and he will take good care of you.e is an awesome guy and the best dealer in audio land!!!!
0008...the best place to get ht cables is from eaudionet.com. wen-li is the owner and will actually let you try,burned-in cables, for 2 weeks. the price is the best on the web and he even gives you discount coupons toward future purchases.i have recently changed my interconnects from cardas golden cross's to ht prosilways mkII's. the difference has been wonderful.
I am going to keep this message short becaue my machine has crashed two of my attempts to write this to you all. Calloway, I checked out the prices at eaudionet.com, and I guess you need to call to get a great discount. David, I think that I am going to give Mario a call some time next week. Carl, I agree with the "rabid goats touting." But, I have gone "ape shit" over things myself, so I think that I'm going to give it a chance. I read that one guy replaced his Transparent Reference set up to go Harmonic. That's pretty ape shit if you ask me. I'll definately get back to you all when I actually get to compare the stuff. Carl, I am a little wary about the little boxes on MIT and Transparent cables. I have read things that say "they" defeat the purpose. I also have heard many great oppinons that swear by them. Any thoughts? thanks. 0008
0006 Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway MK 2 has caused many audiophiles to go nuts! Many have dumped their muti thousand dollar I.C.s for them. Don't walk,RUN to your phone and call Mario 914-421-0069 he will be in tomorrow(May1st) around 2 est.He is the MAN to deal with.He is very pleasent and will make you glad you called him.This guy has a stereo that blows away anyone elses on this site.He has heard it all and can have any gear he wants.He says the Pro-silways are the best and I have no reason to not to believe him.I know my system improved much more than I thought an I.C.was capable of doing!
Yes, the network boxes do put people off. The ones on the EVO are extremely heavy, and there are three of them. The best buy (since you'll perhaps never find the deal I found on the EVO, it was RCA) is the 330 Shotgun Proline Balanced. If you have balanced equipment, it beats them all. It's faster, more dynamic, and more natural sounding with a lower noise floor than the Pro Silway 2, and everything else I've used. The 330 Shotgun RCA is not quite as fast as the Silway, but is more tonally neutral, and more dynamic. It's what I heard. Seems like everybody is selling HT for around dealer cost. Makes me wonder if it really is dealer cost. Like I said, if you prefer it in your system context to everything else you've tried, then it probably works better than maybe anything else out there would. And I don't like Transparent Cable. They use a series resistor to make both short and long runs sound the same, rather than adequately dealing with the impedance and distortion minimizing, like MIT does. If anyone feels differently on this, then we agree to disagree.
I have recentley replaced the AQ Lapis 1/2 meter with the HT Pros mk 2. I found the H.T. better in every regard. I found it amazing that they could retrieve so much more detail and yet sound so much smoother and easier to listen to at the same time. I did experience a major improvement with break in, so don't react to them on first listen give them at least a couple of days before you make any conclusions. Carl eber responds to every discussion post. Get a life, just kidding. Ryan