Harry Shearer's 'Le Show' on NPR...

Whatever you think of his humor or his weekly satirization of the Bush administration and other icons this guy has a hell of a record collection! In Philly at 4:00 PM Sunday afternoons I'm glued to NPR and “Le Show” for a number of reasons but primarily for the obscure music of a number genres (mostly obscure rock and blues)he inserts in-between his segments of satire.
I'm trying to figure a way to learn more about the music he plays and the possibility of the existence of a record collection I'd die for.
Anyone else a fan???
Not a fan but I do like NPR (even though I don't go along with the political views they generally have). Thanks for bringing it up. I'll have to check it out.
Gosh, and I thought I was the only one. I used to listen to "Le Show" way back in the early 90s. Then, the local (conservative) university station that aired it apparently wised up to his politics and dropped him. Of course, thanks to Harry's much scorned digital wonderland I was able to re-join the show in the 00s. Oddly enough, however much I respect his music selections I always fast-forward through them, preferring just to listen to HS himself. Like you, I'd love to have a look at his collection as well as at his listening setup. My favorite voice in his repertory is Al Gore. Al to Joe Lieberman (also HS) on the phone: "Joe, if there's anything you ever need, well, I just hope you get it."
I agree NPR is too right wing, but Le Show gets more to the center. Harry has done some film work which you can search. He has a nice taste in music, narrow but worthwhile.
Music cuts across all barriers, from the Nazi through the Soviet to Woodstock and Newport. I do not know if music can make a common ground. But no nasty force can kill it.
As Twain said, "We are all cracked in the head, and sorely in need of mending."
Peace to all of you fine folk and hopes for a fine Labor Day!
I've listened and find him witless. The music is good,but really, one Jon Stewart bit is worth Harry's whole show.