Harsh High Frequencies on Speakers

I’ve read a lot of the responses to the post about harsh high frequencies, but have not seen one that fits my issue. Strings, piccolos and flutes sound harsh and metallic when I play classical music from my Samsung CD player, or when streaming classical music from my iPhone or MacBook via bluetooth, Airplay or Apple TV to my Yamaha Aventage RX-A2070 AVR. The speakers are SVS Ultra Towers. I had the same experience with Klipsch RP-280F towers. But in each instance when I listen to classical music from any public TV broadcast, or from any music and/or video app on my TV (Netflix, Amazon, PBS, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.), THE STRINGS SOUND PERFECTLY SOFT, close to what they sound like in a concert hall! I have the iTunes equalizer settings set to "flat" on my iPhone and MacBook. The Parametric Equalizer on my AVR is set to YPAO:flat. All music sources are going through my AVR. Does anyone know why the harshness exists from some sources and not from others?
After I posted this thread, I went into the iTunes equalizer and lowered the decibels on the higher frequencies.  Wow!  What a difference!  The strings, piccolo, and flutes sound natural now!  I am leaving this post in place for those who may find value in this.  
Often you can help this with room acoustics. This particular effect is improved by damping the floor around and behind the speakers. Use blankets to test.
You can also adjust toe in of the speakers which can make a world of difference in exaggerated highs.  
The Yamaha RX-A2070 parametric EQ has five settings: Manual, YPAO: Flat, YPAO: Front, YPAO: Natural and Through. I finally realized that the "Through" setting reduced the harshness of the high frequencies by almost 100%! Thanks to a blog I read on a forum about SVS speakers just now. Thanks to all for sharing!