Has anyone compared AQ Argent to Tara?

Any opinions on how the Argent compares to Tara Labs Air 2/3? I´m currently using a double run of Argent+ with my DNA-1 dlx/ Maggie 3.6 combo. I´d appreciate your input. Hasse
The Arget+ blows the Tara away. I had them both and compared and now use the Argent+ double biwired speaker cable in my $75K reference system. Great resolution and bass.
I have used them both I wouldn't say one blows one away, there just different. Argent use Silver so the highs are abit cleaner and more forward, where as Tara 2/3 are more stand back and better in the bass and mids. It just depends in what sound you like. I kept both around just because I found my taste changes from time to time. But just recently I switched over to XLO signature. I thought it was best of both worlds. I don't have a 75K system but I think mine is pretty respectable. Pass Aleph Pre Amp Aleph 2 Amp Electrocompeint EMC-1 CD Mirage 1090i Speaker