Has Anyone Else Listened to Carina Round?

Carina is a British artist is mostly associated with Maynard James Keenan and the band Pucifer. Pucifer is highly recommended, but Corrina has her own solo records that are very popular in Britain but almost unheard of here. She is a darker version of Kate Bush and IMHO every bit as talented. There is a Compilation disc available in the States now called Deranged to Devine. Tigermending is her most acclaimed record but difficult to find. There is a remixed version called Tigermixes. It is inferior to the original. She has a crystalline voice with an incredible range. Her songs are very original. She is highly sought after as a vocalist. She toured with Tears for Fears as a background vocalist. 

Recommended albums are; The Disconnection, Tigermending, Things You Should Know and Deranged to Divine.  With Pucifer; Money Shot, Conditions of My Parole, Existential Reckoning, Live at Arcosanti, V is for Versatile  


I checked her out on YouTube - very good stuff indeed... I see that most that I saw on there was like 9 to 14 years old; is she still doing anything? 


You bet. Listen to Pucifer, Live at Arcosanti. This was a concert filmed during Covid and streamed to the public. You can buy a video of the performance which is amazing to watch.