OK ,there seams to be a new gimmick turntable on the market, it reminds me of the old linear tracking turntable days,is it all show and no go or is it like coke the real thing. I saw one on youtube, but was wondering if it had the sonics that a good quality table possess,does anyone out there in Audiogon land have one? and if so is it worth the $300.00 dollors. what type of cartridge doe's it use? and is the tone arm a good one,i understand that you can adjust the spring that holds the tonearm to use different cartridges, it also has speakers in the base of the unit,how do they sound, can you play 45's on it? or should I save up for one of those $10,000 dollor turntables, that within a year or so  the manufacturer will not support or the company when't out of business or was purchased by another audio company.
The cartridge is an Audio Technica AT95E. I’ve seen one of these tables and played around with it for a few minutes. IMHO, more of a gimmick/conversation piece than a serious piece of gear. Maybe an upgrade for the Crosley crowd.

They do have a 60 day return policy.  Try one and report back.
Oh Ok , I will get back to you guy's about it,may purchase it jusk for a conversation piece in the audio man cave, starting to get the vinyl back on the table,will report back to you guy's.
Someone out there is banking on poorly made $30 records and poor quality gear to play it on. Just check out your local Urban Outfitters. Records and players are like current day boomboxes except other portable gear is all the rave so one way to squeeze some profits still out of the home music lover that might be satisfied. Not audiophile stuff but records have always been seen as fun by many including me and cheap players are all many are willing to buy into.

So a collection of 100 $30 records (minimum new prices it seems) will cost you $3000 and people will play these and damage them on a bargain basement turntable. Brilliant!

I will say at least the packaging of new records is pretty nice, which is really the only unique thing records have to offer these days.

The floating table is something different.  I hope it turns out to work well.