Has anyone heard the Kuzma 4 Point arm?

Since there is SO much great,original thinking going on in Audiogon these days(not from me)I thought I might scoop those curious folks,and provide some fuel for thought.

I've been following the "word of mouth" about this arm for quite some time.It just tweaked my interest,because it seemed such a novel idea(and I had bought a new arm in the last few months,though a different design)but I knew little about it....Until now!!

This arm has just gotten a "Product of the Year Award" from the latest HiFi Plus(Roy Gregory).He goes on to proclaim this "original" design as a breakthrough in analog replay!!!

I know,a "reviewer's opinion,but c'mon,it's fun! -:)

Now,in case you don't know,Roy Gregory has been thoroughly reviewing some amazing arms in the last few issues,and does seem to know a thing about analog replay,so his incredible enthusiasm for this new "4 Point" arm is eye opening!!

Of course I am very curious about the potential performance this arm can bring to the table,because I am SO enamored with the Air-Line arm,and if this is competitive,we might be able to get closer to a "linear's performance envelope"(though this one is a pivot).

You can download the review on the Kuzma web-site,so have a fun read.

I have just got my 4 point tonearm setup a few weeks ago on a Kuzma Reference TT. It is amazing. I previously used a Well Tempered Reference. The machining and adjustability are fabulous. Through the grapevine I have heard that it is better than the Airline. Can't compare it to the Triplanar or Graham which were also on my short list because I haven't heard them but I am extremely happy with it and won't be looking for another analog setup in the forseeable future.
Yes, it was demonstrated at the CES this past January on a Kuzma Stabi XL. Franc Kuzma was present and showed me one that was cutaway to show the inner workings. It won't be surprising to see reviews by US publications as well. It is very doubtful that Kuzma would ever need to do a Mk II version.

We are going to have the 4Point arm here on the Stabi Reference.

Dealer disclosure.
Well,for the "only" reason that I am an overy curious nut,I've got to say the design looks to be stunning,from everything I've digested already(quite a bit actually).

I certainly love my Phantom,and the Graham seems to be the logical choice in the U.S. due to the weak dollar,but "this" design,not to mention the "incredible" review given by "the usually down to Earth" Roy Gregory,has my juices flowing....I' just a fan,no more.

One reason I started the thread.

If it's as good as I've heard,not to mention the apparent design strengths,I'll bet it becomes quite popular!

This definitely does not diminish my admiration of the Phantom,Tri,or other great arms, yet.....

This Roy Gregory review does seem to suggest that it is a "new dawn" in analog replay(his exact words),based on the design,and performance....

THAT is a BOLD statement!!!

I have a friend who knows R.G. and he suggests R.G. does not get this enthusiastic,unless the product is special.

Yeah,we'll be hearing about this alot I presume.

One of my audiophile friends owns the 4P, a Phantom and a Airline Arm.
He told me, when he compared those on his turntable, there is no clear winner. Each of these Arms has some lights, when I asked him, "is the 4P sonically better than the Phantom?" he said "no, they are different in some areas".
And I think so too, the 4P is a 11" Arm, R.G. prefers 12" in general, so I don't wonder about his Statement.
Thanks Thomas!

I admit I was expecting you to chime in,with good information(btw,I gave Sid your message).

I had hoped this thread would have had more "legs",because not often does a new and fully developed arm hit the streets.Especially with "this" pedigree!

Of course I take "any" review with a grain of salt,and yes the other superb arms like Phantom,Vector,Tri,Davinci and Continuum ALL exhibit "world class" followings.For a good reason,I expect.But....

Still,I'll bet we will hear alot more about this new design.....My experience with what we get from hearing a "superb" Linear Arm is one reason I get so excited when something this unique "hits the streets".

Maybe not a twelve incher but the 11 inch length,plus the unique offset of the platform(if I understand it correctly...no guarantee) seems to allow for maximizing performance on many tables.If it only gets us a little closer to a great linear tracker I'm excited about that!!


My friend has one and I've heard it several times already. I'm quite familiar with his equipment and He uses the same cartridge that I also have, a Zyx 4D/Atmos(mine is mounted on an SME IV.Vi). While I respect the design and admired the craftsmanship of kuzma tonearms, I never considered the Idea of Owning one til I heard the 4 point.

I have 4 SME tonearms among the loot I've managed to accumulate. I won't say that they're the best sounding but they are among the best built and the 4 point stands proud among them.

It's been awhile since a tonearm has got me excited again, not just the looks but also how it managed to make a cartridge sing at it's best. It gets your mind off thinking what the cartridge is doing. Repeatable adjustments in all parameters makes fine tuning a breeze. Aside from a Forsell airbearing, one of the best combinations with a Zyx I've heard.

I understand that Zyx makes some cartridges for Kuzma to their specs.
Dear Rodgen: I don't know if ZYX makes some Kuzma cartridges but what I can report from sure is that Shelter do it.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Rauliruegas, the original Kuzma cartridge was by Shelter. The current ones are by ZYX.
Dear Essentialaudio: Thank you for the info.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Interesting the "product of the year" awards have not been published in HIFI+. Issue 61 does not go on sale til October 16th. Yet it is for all to see on the Kuzma wensite, even siting issue 60 - which it is not published in.

The review which I have read in issue 60 has the general Gregory raves. BTW, He has only used in on the Stabi XL, so comparison's on other table are to come. Interestingly he did not compare the 4point sonically to the Stabi airline arm which he has heard recently
Downunder makes a good point,but the fact is the 4 Point is a very unique design.I can understand a reviewer explaining his admiration without going down a list of "this does that better".

Also,with the reputation Kuzma has garnished,it is not a big stretch to assume(hope) the 4 Point is something special.

On paper it is very intriguing.That does not mean I,or anyone else needs to own it.

My Phantom is not going anywhere soon,and I really love the Graham stuff,but I am a fan of components that "appear" to push the envelope.....

The 4 Point fits that category.

I'll bet it makes waves,even as far as Shiraz country.Time will tell!

Has anyone heard the 4Point with a Dynavector XV-1s? Is it a good match? Is it a better match than with Phantom, Airline, Ikeda, etc?
Actually i have a Stabi Reference with old Mission Mechanic and Sumiko MDC800 and the mentioned XV-1s, but maybe i would like to try a new "super-arm".
Thanks for any comments
A 4POINT was used on a Feickert turntable at RMAF with a Lyra Skala cartridge, and we are using a Shelter Harmony with the 4POINT here.

The XV-1s compliance is 10 x 10^-6 cm/dyne and weighs 12.6 grams. Comparatively the Lyra Skala compliance is 12x10^–6 cm/dyne at 100Hz and weighs 9 grams, while the Shelter Harmony compliance is 9 x 10^-6 cm/dyne and weighs 8.5 grams.
Hi guys, after some days with it I can say this is one of the mot neutral tonearms I've heard.
A 4Point was demonstrated at CES with one of the new Kuzma cartridges and will be on demo at the AXPONA show in April.
If you are interested you can check my last 4point review at: http://www.hifilive.es/2014/02/27/kuzma-stabi-ref2-4point/

In less than a month we will have an english version.