Has anyone heard the new PS Audio Perfect Wave?

What are your thoughts on the new Perfectwave DAC and transport? I heard it and was pretty blown away. The one disappointment is you cannot play SACD's. The sound quality has me thinking of what the future of audio will sound like.
I agree with Lev, the PWT/PWD combo is quite good -- in my system it replaced the EMM Labs CDSA SE player. Based on my dealer's recomendation, I am using the Harmonic Technology I2S copper cable to connect the two boxes. I am not sure it is even on the Harmonic Tech web-site yet but compared to the PS Audio silver cable it is much more natural sounding in my system. Using the Jena Labs power cables also enhances the music produced by the combo.
SACD of Carmina Burana so I'm not sure why you believe the PerfectWave system is incable of playing SACDs.

The PWT in fact will not support SACD. The disc that you played must be a hybrid - in which case you are hearing only the CD layer of said disk. The Perfect Wave combo will however reproduce truly exceptional results with standard Redbook discs.
O.K., anyone heard the PS Audio with a Krell pure CAST system through Magico speakers?
I think I'm getting buzzed...

Krell CAST, Perfect wave, and Magicos. hasn't everybody?

Just buy a lottery ticket instead... the odds are better there, I'm sure.