has anyone heard the original ml statements

i have owned sound lab u1s, jm lab utopias, and many other speakers. but have never heard original statements. i heard the statement 2s last week in florida, but they were to loud. they were being run with krell fpb 600s. no depth at all. at least tubes on the top would give some depth and be more musical. i think the 2s have alot of potential. i like the older ones better and would like to know what you guys and gals think. i love my current speakers and dont want to change, but i am an audiophile, so i am intrigued.
I had chance to listen them during Las Vegas CES (at the Golden Nugget) some years ago. They were 'driven' by multiple VTL Wotans. If there is such a thing as one of THE BEST, than Statements come pretty close to that definition.
They were shown in HT set-up, and also with the analog front end (i cannot remember the turntable name)
Heard them at an LA HiFi Show a few years ago configured as Eldragon described. But to me all instruments sounded over-sized, it was "hi-fi" sounding, not natural.
I agree with Estrnad, too hi fi for me as well. Statements are unnatural in depth presentation and in most of the high frequency region, even when powered by great tube gear.

Why not consider Maggies, Sound Lab M1 or even Crosby modified Quads? Each of these have tremendous strengths and all (in my opinion) are better than the ML.