Has anyone here tried the Lightspeed Attenuator?

I have been reading about this on the DIY forum. I was wondering if anyone here at Audiogon has been using this device and with what level of success. I am currently using the Sonic euphoria with my vintage Beveridge 2sw Electrostatics (with self contained OTL amps) to good effect. I am wondering whether going to the Lightspeed would be an upgrade for a very modest price?
You may have already read this thread, but I posted some initial impressions about the Lightspeed. I bought it on a lark after reading the DIY thread and I am mighty impressed with the results in my system.

I own one too. Bought it based on a post here from dgarettson and reading that entire DIYAudio thread. It was an improvement over my K&K S&B TVC passive preamp and just as good as my JRDG Capri. Unfortunately I'm planning on staying with a balanced set-up so maybe I'll use the Lightspeed in a bedroom system in the future. Rest assured though, it can definitely play in a main system.
Thanks Clio and Fiddler. Clio, how was the Lightspeed better than your passive? Fiddler, I saw you many times on the Supratek thread. How is the Lightspeed better than you old preamp? Bob
More dynamics and slam versus a TVC passive. It made the TVC sound like it was compressing the music a bit.

I have lent mine to another audiophile and we'll be doing a comparison tonight in his system. I'll post my thoughts once the listening is done.
Listened to the Lightspeed in a system that included a Rawson DIY F-5 amp and Audio Consulting TVC. The source was a Mac feeding a new USB DAC made by Doug Jesse. The Lightspeed gave up nothing to the Audio Consulting TVC. In fact I thought it was more transparent. Completely got out of the way.
Clio09, Was that the Audio Consulting TVC with their premium Silver Rock transformers?
Yes, the Silver Rock transformers.

I really wish there was a way to easily build a balanced version of the Lightspeed, but after listening the other night it's making me reconsider going back to single ended.

Sorry for not responding to your post sooner, but I haven't responded for two reasons.

One, I have been really busy and two, I haven't put my Supratek back in my system since I received the Lightspeed to do a head-to-head comparison. I simply don't want to take the Lightspeed out.

Today I had an opportunity to listen for about 45 minutes and it was one of those rare mesmerizing moments that everyone experiences from time-to-time with their systems. I don't know if it was simply an extremely good power day or what, but I didn't want to turn my system off. Never in all my years has my system ever approached this kind of sound.

There is one caveat to my thoughts and it begs me to put my Supratek back into my system for a comparison. Recently, I installed an Oyaide R1 receptacle into my system that feeds my Sound Application RLS. Since installing the R1 outlet, I have had the Lightspeed in my system the entire time. I am sure the R1 has contributed something to the improvement (it replaced an Oyaide SWO-XXX), but I can't imagine the R1 could possibly be responsible for the huge leap my system has taken since the Lightspeed. I won't know until I put my Supratek back in, but I can't bring myself to take the Lightspeed out yet to do the comparison.

I realize I am repeating myself, but the Lightspeed (and R1) is phenomenally transparent with incredible dynamics. Today I briefly listened to Mephisto & Co., Reba McEntire and Peter White's Confidential. They were all glorious. Especially Reba. This particular cd has always been slightly strident and forced. Not today. Smooth as silk and with great palpability. Big, bold and fleshy with warmth and stunning musicality.

When I have time to do some critical listening with my Supratek back in the mix, I will post the results. Regardless of how my Supratek performs, I will say that the Lightspeed has been the best money I have EVER spent in audio. YMMV, but if your system impedances work, I would highly recommend taking a $500 shot on the Lightspeed.

I do realize that listening comparisons are completely subjective in this hobby so take my impressions with a big grain of salt. Should you or enyone else have a differing opinion of the Lightspeed...not a problem. But until I do a shootout with my Supratek, I couldn't be happier with what I am hearing.
Well, since I soon will be joing the Lightspeed tribe, I was wonderering how many others have tried it since Clio9 and Fiddler's posts a year ago. I suspect the Stereophile review will be keeping George busy for a while....