Has anyone on Audiogon listen to Line Magnetic 755

EX speakers? Your impressions? What did they sound like? What amps were used?
I Googled this speaker. Very strange looking gizmo. Are they sold as parts and you put them in a box?
No. Google In Living Stereo and you can see what they really look like, based on Western Electric design, the field coils driven by 300B Tubes. They look like DeVore Orangatang or one of the bigger Shindo speakers, except the Line Magnetic comes with the 300B to drive the coils. High efficiency and 8 Ohm impedance
So each speaker has a tube based "field coil" driver? How do you match an amplifier to the speakers?

Pre/Control Amp -->Amp (X WPC) --> Line Magnetic 755?
I attended Matt Rotunda of Pitch Perfect Audio's Greenhaus event in January of this year. It was a two-day event and on the first evening, he played the Devore Orangutan O/96 followed by a pair of Devore Gibbon X speakers that had debuted at the CES (the rest of the system consisted of a Shindo Haut Brion amp, a Shindo Vosne Romanee preamp, and a Garrard turntable). Later in the evening, I believe a Shindo Giscours preamp was rotated in place of the Vosne Romanee. The second night featured the Line Magnetic 755 speakers initially which were followed by the Shindo Latours. It was my first listening experience with single driver speakers and I came away impressed as the 755's held their own against the other three speakers. I didn't see the 300B field coils but perhaps Matt may have had them positioned off to the side. I wasn't aware of the price point of the 755's up until I read Art Dudley's latest column a couple of weeks ago, but if I were in the market for a new pair of speakers, they definitely would be worthy of a follow up audition.
Closdesducs, thank you for your response, I really would have enjoyed that event. I'm currently in Ga. Just north of Jacksonville, FL. So, next time I'm in NYC, or SF (which should be this fall), I'm definitely stopping in to have a listen a time or two or three, whatever it takes...

Honeybee2012, I can't answer your question, but I surmise that you hook up these speakers to your amps and pre as normal. Same for integrated.
After looking at the In Living Stereo Web Site, I must say that Line Magnetic must have a time machine. Looks like a Western Electric parts list from 1939. Frankenstein's lab has nothing on these guys. I would love to give a listen to these speakers.
Closdesducs, What is your opinion on LM 755EX's low frequency response.I mean the bottom end. Adequate enough?.Thanks
Whatever they sound like I love the look and concept.

Are they $8K each or per pair?
I was made aware of a smaller LM speaker, that use a similar driver. I can't seem to find much, just wanted to see photos.