Has anyone tried Wave Kinetics A10 U-8 footers

Before I take the plunge I would like to hear thoughts from those who have heard them.
Many thanks
Try Mike Lavigne whose system is here. On Whats Best Forum whatsbestforum.com, i think you can ask there as well. I have heard very good things from people who have used them.
Lloyd thank you for the info.
I see that Nobrainer uses the A10 U-8 beneath digital components.
I'm all analog and was thinking of trying them beneath my pre-amp.
Hi Goldeneraguy,

For me, the Wave Kinetics provide improved clarity when used under most of my components. The benifits really depend on what type of shelving your components are on. I use them under my digital not so much because it is digital but because it is on a Zooethecus rack and not my GPA racks.
Have any of you folks tried the Wave Kinetics 2NS loudspeaker footers? I'm curious as their effectiveness compared with something like Stillpoint SS Ultras, or the Track Audio decoupling spikes.