Have I Found Audio Nirvana?

I was just listening to my system, and I got inspired to post a thread which I haven't done in some time. I think that I have finally arrived at audio nirvana. After two years of contantly screwing around with one change after another (can anyone relate?), I haven't added anything in 3 months, and that was the first change in another 3 months. Better yet, I really like my system a lot, and am actually listening to the music instead of analyzing it! Those audio 12th step meetings really work. And to think everyone thinks the first A stands for Alcoholics.

What brought together my mid-fi system was an unexpected surprise. After going through a Creek 5350SE, Classe CAP-151 and a Plinius 9100, I found integrated amp bliss in a Luxman R-117 receiver. I had heard that they were pretty good for the time, and I needed an interim amp while I was waiting to try a Plinius 9200. Got it from an original owner on ebay at 1/7 of the price of the 9200. On my system, it smokes both the Classe and the 9100, and actually has the best characteristics of both without the bad ones. I was shocked!!!

So there you have it. It can be done, and the proof is in the fact that I rarely go to Audiogon compared to the year plus of daily perusing.

Here's the final system for hopefully a long time of audio delight:

Luxman R-117 receiver
Rega Jupiter CDP
Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MKII speakers
Acoutic Zen Satori speaker cables
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II interconnect
Acoustic Zen Tsunami II Plus powercord (for CDP)
PS Audio Ultimate Outlet with upgraded Audio Excellence AZ Cryo 5362 Receptacle (non-nickel)
Cardas Quadlink powercord with Wattgate 350 plug (from wall to Ultimate Outlet)
Audio Excellence AZ Cryo 5362 Wall Receptacle (non-nickel)
Sound Anchor speaker stands

And for those of you that read this, and have not found that perfect system, stick with Audiogon because my system is a direct result of what I have learned from Audiogon.

Audio nirvana is like grabbing a handful of sand. It quickly slips through the fingers. Enjoy it while it lasts, you'll be back on the bandwagon soon. Maybe I'm too pessemistic.
Pessimistic..Oh I don't think so. Or acutually, maybe realilistic is the proper term. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Crega's thread. It seems that you are confusing Nirvana with the "bug". Audiogon is a conduit for us all to pursue that which pleases our ears. Besides...the pursuit and anticipation is all the more fun.

Don't stop until your broke! I won't.
Luxman was a well respected Co. in their day. I hope that it serves you well till you hit the great gigg in the sky!

Some people search for their dream setups their whole life and never find it. I feel the most essential component are your speakers and I was lucky enough to have heard a set of speakers a long time ago that fit the bill,but could not afford them at the time. The manufacture had difficulties and got out of the home market ,but is one of the best designers out there still ,working for a pro equipment manufacture.

I got in touch with him and he sold me a whole setup with newer drivers and crossovers components from the older versions. A few Reviewers still use his speakers as reference and they would be envious if they knew what I had.

While I have not gotten my front end totally worked out I feel the most important part is over with.

Glad you have found what works good for you.
The only way to stay content is to stop coming to this site and to stop going to stores that sell high end audio....that way, you will not be exposed to anything else. If you continue to be exposed, YOU WILL HEAR SOMETHING BETTER.......and the pursuit for nirvana is on again.

I've found nirvana several times...but as Nrchy above says, it keeps slipping through my fingers. It's only an illusion.

Alcoholics shouldn't go to bars, and you shouldn't come back here anymore if you know what's good for you and your wallet.
Maybe it's just me, but I find that audiophilia is more of a winter-time hobby. Now that I can go fishing and to outdoor concerts, I find I spend a lot less time planted in front of the stereo. Of course, I'm also broke, due to quitting work to go back to school so that might have something to do with it.

One thing I've found that has really kept the upgrade demons at bay is DIY audio. I'm having a lot of fun building my first headphone amp. It's technical, rewarding, and most importantly, audio related, so I find it very satisfying, and also, quite inexpensive.

Of course, if someone handed me $20,000 right now, I know most of it would have to be sacrificed to the audio gods.

Regardless, it's nice to hear you're satisfied with your system. I like to say that I can't afford to be any more satisfied with mine. Happy listening!