Have Jeff Rowland Concentra II am I crazy...

Was thinking of using it as a preamp, Getting the Mcintosh 2102 or Vtl st150 amps. To bring that tube sound to Sonus Farber Grand pianos. Thanks for your toughts
I had amazing synergy with the Cary SLP98 and Tubed Mcintosh amp. Was using the MC275 and the Cary just brought it to life, the Audio Research LS25 mk1 with the 6922 tubes also sounded great. Pluck those stock tubes out of the 2102 if you want to get the best out of the Mac. Good luck.
I bought one from bizzy bee with all the extras and used EH kt88's. Was a nice integrated but found the bass very loose and boomy, the focus switch didnt help that much. At 30 watts I wouldnt recomend it for a med to large size room.
a'gon member 'the kid' uses a cary sli-80 w/grand pianos & likes it very much. good luck.
Thanks for the responses...will let you know what happens. Still trying to get a hold of an tube amp the use rowland as pre.
Got the Vtl st-150 Does sound great. Using the Rowland as Pre amp add some warmth and crazy bass responses. But of course I am thinking of Marrying the pre amp now with vacuum tube pre. Vtl 2 series or 5 upgraditus bad...
I think you should get rid of the Rowland! Its a beautiful sounding amplifier on its own. If you like the tube sound then go tube. That integrated is a well integrated amplifier to perform as it is. I think you are better off getting a pre-power or tube integrated that you like, you will not be utalizing that unit to its fullest thats all :) Good luck.
I used the Concentra II as a preamp for a short time while in the process of changing directions and it performed great.

If you have thoughts of getting a Mac amp to pair with it, you may want to consider the McIntosh MA-2275 tube integrated, it is a great tube integrated amp, and sell the Rowland.
Thanks everybody found a vtl 6.5 and picked it up. It is great. Some very refined sounds going on. But there is all they warn in tubing out. So far with a brand new amp one tube blew and replaced and with the pre I am being told that the tubes might need to be changed because I am getting a little bit of noise when nothing is playing. I thought it was hard choosing types of equipement But Ill be damned there are a ton more choices when it comes to tubes.
Agreed with Rapogee - I have had many Rowland amps and are pretty good at their on sake, but if you want to go to tubes . you shall cross the river fully.