Have you asked yourself this question?

Lately I have thought about selling my entire analog set-up:  Turntable, phono preamp, and vinyl collection.  It's a good system, but my digital system sounds good enough that I don't listen to the analog system any more.

For purposes of illustrating my dilemma, my system is as follows:

Analog system:  Linn Sondek LP12, upgraded with Lingo II power supply, Karousel bearing, and trampolin suspension.  Loci Psionic Tonearm with practically new Clearaudio Maestro cartridge.  PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp.  Plus, about 450 records, mostly popular stuff from the late 60s, 70s and 80s.

Digital System:  Metrum Acoustics Streamer (Roon endpoint) plus Metrum Onyx DAC.

Just curious if any of you have thought about selling your entire analog rig, because you don't listen to it.  What did you finally decide? Interested in your experiences.


@OP No. But I do keep upgrading my vinyl playback system to keep pace with my digital playback systems. However, if I didn't have a large legacy vinyl collection, then I would happily live with digital.

I don’t actually own a ’streamer’. Aside from a few LP’s, the upgraded 2 tb SSD in my Sony HAPZ1ES holds every single track I own. I run a toslink feed from my Spectrum receiver to my system for their music channels for when I want the random ’radio experience’. When I hear an artist or cut that I like and am not familiar with, I go on iTunes and listen to the tracks on the album and buy the whole album or just the singles I like. It downloads to my laptop and then automatically transfers to the Sony. That’s probably about as close to streaming as I get. I like being the sole proprietor of my music collection.

I listen to LPs for several hours a day and CD about 3 or 4 hours per week... stream about one hour per week.

Much of the music I listen to is Not available to stream.

Maybe I should broaden my horizons but I dislike most Popular Music.

I just love music and if I have to do a little work and the original pressing on vinyl is better, then to me it’s worth it. 

enjoy the music and the gear in your system.

holy smoke, i agreed with jason bournes first 3 posts i didnt make it to #4 in fear of hell freezin over!