Have you asked yourself this question?

Lately I have thought about selling my entire analog set-up:  Turntable, phono preamp, and vinyl collection.  It's a good system, but my digital system sounds good enough that I don't listen to the analog system any more.

For purposes of illustrating my dilemma, my system is as follows:

Analog system:  Linn Sondek LP12, upgraded with Lingo II power supply, Karousel bearing, and trampolin suspension.  Loci Psionic Tonearm with practically new Clearaudio Maestro cartridge.  PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp.  Plus, about 450 records, mostly popular stuff from the late 60s, 70s and 80s.

Digital System:  Metrum Acoustics Streamer (Roon endpoint) plus Metrum Onyx DAC.

Just curious if any of you have thought about selling your entire analog rig, because you don't listen to it.  What did you finally decide? Interested in your experiences.



I totally agree with you, how anybody can call that Linn LP12 setup lackluster is beyond me, I guess he doesn't know much about the Linn LP12 lol.

Streaming i did not ...😁 And i will never do ...

Try to find an erhu album or a tabla tarang album or a sarangi album or some fine russian pianist playing Scriabin ?

Or a Nordic countries long past jazz album ?

I never listen to most of the proposed too much well known  music in jazz , in world music too , save in the classical domain...

I could live with only Bach and choral music but i had fallen in love with musicians of all culture long time ago, jazz included ...

I don't think of it as an either/or; why not both and anything new that comes along  (and a hybrid and EV parked next to my inline twin turbo six).

As far as succession; my daughter has claimed my rig, vinyl and CDs in their entirety. Also, I'm ok with transitioning between mediums; sometimes one then the other depending on mood or circumstances. 

And I totally get simplification and streaming stuff. There's much enjoyment in simplicity.  So this dilemma is good to have in retirement, something to think about today and solve tomorrow.    


it will come to that some day

but i am emotionally invested in my records, yes they and the analog gear are just things, but those things represent tremendously wonderful memories and experiences, hard to let go for that reason


- you do not use your analog system anymore for good, never, ever again

- you will not miss looking at your records (or even the nice looking rig)

- you don't want spending time to fiddle with the set up and cartridges

- you will not get 'tired' listenting to digital only (who knows that)

Then, taking your place, I would most probably sell it.


I for myself did sell the analog rig and all vinyl once, when I was 22 and coming back home from a longer trip. I needed  💲😁. I have bought new systems during the past years and in the meantime have collected around 900 records. Today, analog and streaming go together just fine. And I do like the whole procedure which comes with listening to vinyl.