Have you heard Melody Equipment from China

I see this Chinese manufacturer's name popping up more and more. Six moons gave their 2a3 integrated amp a rave review. They also have preamps and amps and CD players. The signature line stage preamp looks like it could also be very serious using 101D tubes like the Supertek Cabernet at a price under $3,500. I was wondering who has heard this gear? How does it rate compared other more known brands? Is it a contender or pretender? Bob
I heard the 101D preamp awhile ago in a friend's system and it sounds wonderful and musical.
The Melody designer was a Chinese Australian and his audio products using alot of oil fill caps. and point to point wiring.
Hifi+ magazine has give a couple of their integrateds rave reviews too. Check there for more info. Sounds like they make well designed gear.