Have you heard pro studio monitors ?

I have recently turned to "pro" gear . I have not heard a "bright" set of studio monitors yet ? They are not designed to accentuate any frequencies . I have owned many bookshelf speakers over the course of my life and none have come close to studio monitors for my taste . It is an avenue i would suggest to all . Just for the fun of it . And it is sooo much cheaper compared to hifi offerings .I used to think popular recordings were bright . bright used to be a part of my audio life for twenty years ! it is now gone . Finally my ear drums can rest !
After auditioning several I ended up with a pair of Adam F7 (active). Sourced by laptop in my office. Love 'em.
I liked Event Opal active monitors. Realistic, natural and versatile. Perfect for home audiophile applications as well with no amp required.
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The models I have bought just recently are . Mackie MR Mk 3 which retail for $500 a pair . Use 5 of those in a bedroom home theater setup . Bought a pair of JBL LSR 305 for my bedroom $275 I bought a Nanopatch passive volume control for those . And Adam Audio f7 $550 used in main home theater as surrounds . All purchased at Guitar Center on sale . I have read some people claim they are so analytical that they make bad recording sound like shit . I have found the complete opposite to be true . Anything I play through them sounds musical to me . I no longer skip through iTunes looking to hear the "best" recordings I own .
rockdanny , Do you have yours set up for critical listening ? or close together around your computer screen . My first pair of the adams I placed as my previous speakers were . out from the wall and 5-6 feet apart . They really excelled that way. They image great , have a great soundstage . I caanot hear anything negative about them . which is a first for all the speakers I have owned .
Maple, setup is nearfield at my desk. So approx. 4 foot equilateral triangle. I would increase distances if I could, but that is not an option. Still, even at 4 feet, they image fine and soundstage is good too.
Maple, sorry, forgot to answer your question. Intent of purchase was not for critical listening, but they are so good that I do end up listening critically at times in lieu of my main rig.
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In top studios after all the work is done using nearfield monitors, the music is played on high-end home loudspeakers as a final check. I don't know if that carries any weight because on pop recordings they will also play the cut on a car loudspeaker to see how it will sound in that environment.
I don't know if that carries any weight because on pop recordings they will also play the cut on a car loudspeaker to see how it will sound in that environment.
Russ, I think you've just mentioned, that studio monitors are used as reference speakers and than the material is tested on home speakers and automobile ones as well or to be more precise the material is tested in the most listenable environment per given music.
M Audio 8 inch monitors are pretty amazing IMO. I just threw out the rule book and installed JBL PRX735 speakers in my main listening room and really like them.
Yes, I have owned Adam Audio and heard all the others, ATC, Genelec, Augspurger etc. The best studio monitors I have found are turned out by Oceanway and Legacy Audio.